Monday, December 21, 2009

Random Picture Post Last One This Year!!!

My Last Random Picture Post of 2009.
I thought I'd use a couple of old Christmas Pictures, and then a couple of just Random pics...
I can't believe Christmas is this week, I also can't believe I've finished shopping...usually I'm still shopping two days before Christmas! But this year I finished a little early, Our Christmas program turned out to be very good...We were all nervous, and the little kids just wanted to open their presents..hehe But after the opening prayer everything went smooth and everyone did their parts, I think everything pointed out the real meaning of Christmas...Christ Jesus coming to be Born...and then to live a perfect, sinless life...and then to die for our sins, to take our place...But then to conquer death on the third day, live forever more!!!
A lot of the Kid's parents were there, and a lot of them were lost...please pray something was said or done that will bring them to Christ.
Oh before I forget, Juan's Daddy and Mama...Maria and Jose came to church last night, they really enjoyed the Christmas play, and they said they were planning on getting Baptized next Sunday!!!! Please keep them in y'all's prayers!!!!

Mama and Daddy...In 2007....Christmas Eve at Granny's house

Here is one of my very Random pictures...But this picture holds alot of memories..
It was the last picture I took before I dropped my camera in the ocean...
Me, Sarah, Jennifer, and Megan went to the beach at night, something I had never was freezing!!!! I put my camera in my coat pocket..and I guess it just slipped out....poor camera...
I guess I have Donnie's luck when it comes to cameras...hehe

Me and Molly...Christmas Past...we were twins that night!!!

Last year we had a party with a couple of families we Girls in the Kitchen getting everything ready...For our hungry of the families had three boys...they loved everything!! Especially the youngest, Jameson...he took bags of cookies and oreo balls home...hehe!

This is kinda a weird picture of me...But it's random!
I look sad:(

I look happier here....:)
Another Random picture...I was playing with a hat I bought Daddy for Christmas last year...I always buy Daddy things he wouldn't normally pick out...hehe But this year maybe he'll like his present...hehehe

Here's a picture of Bethany looking all Christmassy in Red...this was the day we went to get our Christmas tree...she's advertizing Mcd's and BestBuy...hehehe

This Picture is from Rachael's Computer...But I thought Her and Donnie looked very I'm using that word alot...So I saved it!

And Last but not least....Sarah my BF....I photobucketed this one like it?
hehe Well a Random end to this Random post....


jc said...

Great post!!! I love your pictures, especially the one w/ Katie ad. Best Buy and McD's and the two of you!!


Lindsay said...

Fun post, Rebekah! I always enjoy
looking at your very random pictures. :)

~ Love,

jc said...

Sorry, just noticed that it was Bethany, not Katie, ooops :o