Saturday, May 30, 2009

Revival with Bro.Mike Jones

Last night, Bro. Mike Jones ended our week with an excellent sermon. It was so amazing how his sermon fit so perfectly with Bro.Roberson and Bro.Belcher's messages. Every Message this week has been just for me... I feel like I have been revived and our church has seen a revival.
Bro.Jones' sermon last night was a perfect end to such an historic week for our church, he preached on how we need to constantly be shaken up, stirred up, and strained, we never need to be at ease. It was such a great night!!!
The Victory Trio from Bro.Mike Jones' church
Bro.Mike and his family, with Me and my family
Hold still...Just one more picture!!!
Daddy and Bro.Mike Jones

Friday, May 29, 2009

Revival with Dr.Norris Belcher

Last night we had such sweet service, Bro. Belcher preached a sermon that was definitely needed in our church and probably needed in most churches in America today. He preached on the seed and what ground it falls on, the good soil, the thorny soil, the hard soil, and then the burnt soil.How Christians get farther and farther away from God until they are in the world and they get burnt. It was a very good sermon, the alter was full and I'm sure many decisions were made last night.

Donnie and Rachael, singing ''Then Came the Morning''

Aunt Amy, played for ''the Fundamental Three'' and Donnie and Rachael, she always does just an awesome job! Thanks Aunt Amy!!!!!!
Bro.Norris Belcher preaching
Me and My Family with Dr.Norris Belcher
Tonight Bro.Mike Jones will be Preaching!!!
Oh by the way this is my
100th post!!!!!
So I decided to list some links to my favorite posts of the past

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Revival with Bro.Bobby Roberson

Last night and Monday night, Bro. Bobby preached for us.
It was soooooo good! Last night he preached on being faithful, and on Monday night he preached on just being usable. Both sermons were so good and so needed in my life and in our church.
Bro Bobby Roberson, is such a man of God, but yet so humble. It was such a huge blessing being able to have him in our church!

The Fundamental Three~

Daddy and Bro.Bobby Roberson

Me and My Family with Bro.Bobby ... this one looks a little Blurry~ sorry

Thursday Night Dr.Norris Belcher
will be Preaching!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial day- a time to remember those who bled and died for our freedom and so we might live today. I would like to thank all of the soldiers in our great country, America, who have paid the ultimate price, have given all, have gladly laid down their lives.

But somewhere over the seas, over 2,000 years ago. Someone else paid the ultimate price, on a hill called Calvary. Jesus, God's Son, died so that we might be free! He shed his precious blood so that we could have eternal life. He lives today! He reigns! He is still on the throne! Remember someone, somewhere has paid with his life so you might be free, like the song says-

Freedom Isn't Free!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gone Fishing...

Me trying not to get my pole stuck in a tree... I tend to do that

Mama and Katie

Jennifer, Mama, Katie, and Bethany

Daddy and Bethany


Daddy about to catch the...



Good Job, Daddy!

The Rain is coming...

Sprinkling. . .. .. ... . .. .

Us, about to get really wet in the back of the truck!

Mama stopped at the crossroads to take a pic.~
Jennifer wants ya'll to know she does have a skirt on in the picture...hehe


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello just a quick post.
Lot's of things going on around here, Revival services at our church are starting next week.
Monday night and Tuesday night Bro. Bobby Roberson will be preaching, Wednesday night Daddy will be preaching or we'll have a prayer meeting, Thursday night Bro.Norris Belcher will be preaching, and then on Friday night Bro. Mike Jones will be preaching. For any of ya'll that live in my area ya'll are invited to attend!check out this past post
But until then my week is as usual, tomorrow I have to teach piano in the afternoon, then on Saturday we are going to pass out Revival fliers. Sunday is Memorial Day so that will be a special Sunday I think Donnie is going to sing that song I posted ''It Has Always Been The Soldier'' maybe I can record it and put it on here. Anyway after revival our Youth Rally will coming up... Yey!!!! if you know me you know I am totally excited when it gets close to our annual Youth Rally!!!!I always start pepping things up, including doing a cheer on our answering machine... Don't ask!
Then after our youth rally one of my friends is graduating, that Saturday. He is going to PCC for Law Enforcement... pretty cool~ and then the next week I'm going to Youth Conference at Gospel Light Baptist Church!!! I'm so excited I've never been, but I love Gospel Light sooo I can't wait!
Well sorry about all this rambling... I tend to do that!lol.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Green Beans in the Garden and Clothes on the Line...

I just watched this video on Ashley's Blog, I'd seen it once before somewhere else and really liked it. It just makes you want to live a simple life and have a garden and just have fun!I wanted to share it with ya'll. I hope ya'll enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Another Video..

Hey Everybody, this is a video of Me and My Family's crazy and random pictures. I just felt like putting it together, and showing ya'll. Soooo here it is. The music in the background is by Sacred Heritage Quartet, one of my favorite groups. So you might wanna turn the music off down at the bottom, or it will sound all jumbled together~ Enjoy!

''A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:...'' Proverbs 17:22

Monday, May 18, 2009

It Has Always Been The Soldier

Sorry I didn't mention anything on my blog Saturday, about Armed Forces Day.
But though late, I wanted to recognize those who serve our country, and give so much!
There is a song my cousin Donnie has sang in our church and we also have a CD with the Marion Avenue Boys singing it, the song is called '' It has always been the Soldier''
and the words go like this.

It's not CBS or NBC
CNN or ABC that's given us the freedom of the press
We know that it's not Larry Flint, Ted Kennedy, or Jesse Jackson given us the freedom to verbally express, not the campus organizers or all the demonstrations that's given us the freedom to march, freely march and disagree

Oh can't you see!

It has always been the soldier

Who has gave the sacrifice
Standing strong and crowned in battle

Willing to lay down his life

Somewhere there's a soldier who is looking at a picture of his little girl
How he wishes he were home!

And somewhere there's a soldier who is reading a love letter from his wife and she is telling him how she feels so all alone,

And somewhere there's a Mom and Dad who cry late in the night, for a son who won't be coming home, a son who gave his life. FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!!!

Oh can't you see!

To the angry man who shakes his fist, and burns the Stars and Stripes,
That same flag that drapes the coffins of those who gave there life's

There's no other place that you would go, or have ever been

where the blood of soldiers gives the right to burn the flag again.

It has always been the Soldier

On the Land,

In Air,

and Sea

It has always been the Soldier

Fighting for our LIBERTY!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Somethin' Funny~

Wanna See something funny?
Go to my Sister's Blog to see a video from our Ladies Meeting! I was to lazy to put it on my

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ladies Meeting Pictures!!!!!!

Well everybody here's the pictures I promised!
We had such a great day, I loved the whole dressing up thing ,(of course) and we had a good crowd of ladies and the food was good,the speaker was very good, and as you can tell it was an all around good day!

Me with my Victory Rolls... and red lipstick~

Me and Jennifer

Bethany and Katie

Mama~ looking like a teeny-bopper

Our old fashioned living room.... the Navy uniform is My Papa's, and the dress is his Mama's
I just love thinking about him when he was my age in the Navy....I loved him so much!

This is after all the food was good!

It's time for a wedding! Back in the 40's, when the soldiers came back. What did the ladies want most?... to get married!!!!!!

Molly in her lovely wedding dress... I helped design it, isn't it simply divine?!

The other marvelous wedding dress

Then the women had babies...lots and lots of babies! Hence the Baby Boom... these ladies are such pros at washing and changing babies they can do it blind folded!

Our Special Guest Speaker

The Fundamental Three Singing

Time to Go Home!