Tuesday, May 5, 2009

College Spotlight Of The Week #3 and #4

This is a post that is long over due. I've been meaning to do another college post for awhile now, so I thought I'd do two colleges this week, to catch up. The two colleges I picked this week are Champion Baptist College and Heartland Baptist College. I believe these colleges are great, Bible-believing, places, that are training young people to serve the Lord with zeal and enthusiasm!

So first Pray For Champion Baptist College...
Pray for Champion to continue to encourage, equip, and train students with knowledge and faith for Christian service, and to give them a compassionate heart for this lost and dieing world.
Pray for Pastor Eric Capaci, pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Next Pray For Heartland Baptist College...
Pray for Heartland that they will continue to lift high the Christian standard, train students to win people to Christ and build New Testament churches, and encourage the development of Godly character and Christlikeness. Pray for Pastor Sam Davison, pastor of Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Bea's World said...

I was a student @ Champion for 2and a half years. . . . it is a great college and Bro. Eric is soooo awesome =) The staff is very interested in their students and tries to help them as much as they can. =) It was a great start to my life as a young adult.