Saturday, July 25, 2009

Donnie and Rachael are Having a Baby!!!!!!!!

Today after the Family Reunion Donnie and Rachael told us some very exciting news,
though I already kinda had some idea...
hehe But I was still very excited
and happy for them both!!!!!!
I'll be praying for ya'll... Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I Got My License!

It's true I finally got my License! I'm still not a fan of driving, and if somebody in the car has a license they're gonna be the one driving, not me... unless it's forced!hehehe...
I was soooo scared but I finally decided just to CowboyUp and do it!
Well this will be the last time I post for awhile, because I'm getting ready to go to Walkertown!!!!!! I can't hardly wait!!!!!!!!! So now as a Lisenced Gal, I'm ready for anything...
okay maybe not anything.... See ya'll when I get back!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Time For the Sword Conference!

Are You Ready for Some Old Time Preaching!

A Gym packed full of great stuff!

Old Friends and New Friends!

The Alter of Conviction...

I Can't Wait!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mama is Blogging!

Hey Everybody, Mama is now an official Blogger!
her Blog is called A G.R.I.T.S. Life As A Preacher's Wife, She hasn't done any posts yet but ya'll can go ahead and follow her and all that. Well have a great day!

The GRITS Way of Life...

Check Spelling
Fried Green Tomatoes
Being a total GRITS~That's Girls raised in the South, I am all about the Southern Way of Life.
Sweet Tea, Biscuits, Fried Chicken, Respecting your Mama and Daddy, God, Country, and Tradition. Southern Girls know that you say Yes Ma'am, and they know that if your man has an earring and long hair, then they'll call him Ma'am, too.
Let's not forget our accent...
Us Southern Belles are known for our Charming, Sweet as Honey, Accent.
In America our Southern Accent is closest to the Queen's English than any other accent. Scottish, Irish, and rural English formed the basis of our language...
GRITS also know that in the South,
Girls know what kind of man they need, they always know what to look for.
Someone who is like...
Andy Griffith
Robert E.Lee
and last but not least... DADDY!
But we know that the All Mighty will take care of us, when it comes to the Right Man.
After all a true Southern Girl doesn't chase a man... she let's the man chase her...
If your from the South you know what a Moon Pie is, you know that Barbeque is pulled or chopped pork..not just something you throw on the grill, you know that before any girl gets married she has to know how to fry a chicken and make a good ol' biscuit and the perfect glass of sweet tea. In other word's life is just plain better in the South...hehe. Though we don't mind Yankees, we southerner's just seem to enjoy life a little more, and even when it's not so grand, if you ask us we'll reply,'' I'm just Fine, how bout you?'' No matter what.
The Southern Girl
by Samuel Alfred Beadle
The Fairest thing on land or sea
Is the Southern Girl, to me.
You should see her when the stars
Come studding all the sky;
And feel her beaming eye
On you when the moon is full-
Fairest of all that's fair is she,
The Southern Girl, to me.
I thank God that I was born in the South, and if I ever leave it, I'll never forget that I'm a GRITS born and Raised. So Daww-ling until next time, Ya'll come back now Ya hear!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The End Of A Great Week...

Well Today was the end to a great week, Us girls went to VA, to a Ladies Meeting that Mama was asked to speak at. We had a fun day, and Mama did such a great job speaking!

I took some random pictures today, But like the last night of Kid's Krusade, I forgot to bring the Camera inside the Church. I did win a Door prize!!!!! Number 20 is such a lucky number... at least it was today~ The theme was Growing in Grace so they gave me a bunch of Gardening Stuff! On the way Home you know we had to stop at My Favorite place and get a Drink... you guessed it, Mcdonalds! So after a fresh dose of Caffeine Me, Sarah, and Jennifer sang Bluegrass, Sacred Heritage, Epley Family and any other song we could think of, and tried to get every trucker to blow his horn, on the way Home... Fun Times!

Well I just came in after cleaning up the yard from the Terrible storm yesterday, I like storms if there not too terrrible, I like to sit by a window and read a book, or sleep when the rain is pouring down...ahhhh~ But anyway I'm off to my Granny's house tonight, So I'll blog more next week!

Me and My Lovely Sisters... Aren't we Gorgous?

Little Kailey at the Ladies Meeting with her Pink Princess Sunglasses~
Don't know why I took this picture, on the way into Mcd's we saw a bunch of Soldiers...
it was so Neat!
My Door Prize!
Betsy and Joe, By Maud Hart Lovelace one of our Favorite series of books in our Family, Sarah is reading Betsy in Spite of Herself, and Katie is reading Betsy and the Great World.
they are such great books!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2nd Night of Kid's Krusade Pictures! of our BKs wanted her picture taken for the Board at Church... hehe that's one of my jobs at church, so that's why I take all the pictures, and for ya'll, too.

Captain Anne Bonnie with her First Mate, Haras~

Here's Some pictures of Me and Daddy's Sword fight...
Video might be on here tomorrow.


Will Captain Johnny Beat Captain Anne Bonnie and her Crew?...

AHHHHH! What will Happen?

For.... Your.... is..... will.... be...also. Matthew 6:21 ..
Now can Anyone fill in the Blanks?

Singing our Pirate Song... Arccchhhh!

Daddy preaching on the Hidden Treasure God has for us!

It's Craft Time!
Tyler Loves Glue...My Number 1 BK!
Peace My Brother...hehehe....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kid's Krusade Pictures!

Tonight was our first night of Kid's Krusade, and it was so Great!
One of my little Bus Kid's got saved!!!! 9-year old Ryan!
I was so excited! I think the kid's really had fun, and a couple of the adults...
Some of us dressed up like Pirates... I was the bad Pirate, and Sarah and Jennifer were my Crew. Tomorrow I might put the video of our Sword fight with Daddy.
Daddy was Captain Johnny, captain of the Old Ship Of Zion. Tonight He preached on searching for wisdom. It was such a wonderful night, I can't wait till tomorrow night!

Here's the Picture of Daddy's Ship he made, isn't it cool?!

The Treasure Chest...

The Kid's singing

Captain Johnny...Daddy

Me~ the Bad Pirate...Captain Anne Bonny

Katie and Me

Captain Johnny and His First Mate...Mama

Jennifer...My Crew Member...and Her Eyeball...

Rachael, Mrs.Karen from Church, and Jennifer
BK from church, Happy after eating her Snack!

BK enjoying His Patch...Arrch!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tea Room

Today us girls went to an Old English Tea Room, trying on Hats, pretending to be back in Victorian times, and looking at the Antiques down stairs. Ah! Such fun! Here's some pictures... and come back tomorrow night to see pictures of the Kid's Krusade~

Sarah and Me

Sarah, Katie, and Me squished in the middle seat.

Taylor(a little girl from church), Bethany, and Molly

The little girls with this statue... doesn't it look like a real girl?

Katie, Mama, and Jennifer getting ready for Tea

Me, Sarah, and Molly... love the look on Sarah's face!

Bethany and Taylor


My Tea Cup...I don't why they never match... but it's still cute!

My Chocolate Scone...Yum~

Trying on Hat's at the Antique Store that's a part of the Tea Room.

Grapes anyone?

Sad Hat...

Black Hat...

Pretty Hat...

Bird Hat... my favorite thing... I'm kidding trust me,
I'm terrified of Birds!

A bed Jacket...

Pretty Pink Stuff!

I love all this country stuff~ I can't wait to decorate my own House!

Country Kitchen Stuff...

Patriotic... I just love it!

Okay this is a crazy Peacock Feather Hat that we just all had to try on...
Me first!

Then Jen...



Taylor...Drama Queen~

Miss Molly

Sarah looking So Classy~

I think Mama looks pretty Royal...



Love the Dress!

Crochet Anyone?

Watch Dog... hehe Get it?
I'm gonna get this sign when I get Married... Isn't it Sweet?