Saturday, July 18, 2009

The End Of A Great Week...

Well Today was the end to a great week, Us girls went to VA, to a Ladies Meeting that Mama was asked to speak at. We had a fun day, and Mama did such a great job speaking!

I took some random pictures today, But like the last night of Kid's Krusade, I forgot to bring the Camera inside the Church. I did win a Door prize!!!!! Number 20 is such a lucky number... at least it was today~ The theme was Growing in Grace so they gave me a bunch of Gardening Stuff! On the way Home you know we had to stop at My Favorite place and get a Drink... you guessed it, Mcdonalds! So after a fresh dose of Caffeine Me, Sarah, and Jennifer sang Bluegrass, Sacred Heritage, Epley Family and any other song we could think of, and tried to get every trucker to blow his horn, on the way Home... Fun Times!

Well I just came in after cleaning up the yard from the Terrible storm yesterday, I like storms if there not too terrrible, I like to sit by a window and read a book, or sleep when the rain is pouring down...ahhhh~ But anyway I'm off to my Granny's house tonight, So I'll blog more next week!

Me and My Lovely Sisters... Aren't we Gorgous?

Little Kailey at the Ladies Meeting with her Pink Princess Sunglasses~
Don't know why I took this picture, on the way into Mcd's we saw a bunch of Soldiers...
it was so Neat!
My Door Prize!
Betsy and Joe, By Maud Hart Lovelace one of our Favorite series of books in our Family, Sarah is reading Betsy in Spite of Herself, and Katie is reading Betsy and the Great World.
they are such great books!

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Lindsay said...

Wow, it looks like you had a wonderful week, Rebekah! Have fun at your granny's house. :)

~ Love,