Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kid's Krusade @ CIBC...

At the beginning of the week we did a Kid's Krusade at a near by church. We used our theme from last year, Mission:Possible... It was so fun! All the workers were secret agents, and the Pastor of the church was the President! The video above is the President coming out at the beginning with his body guards, they were so great... they really got into their part. It was so fun, and exciting, several kids came forward each night and got saved! Especially the last night, Daddy preached on Lazarus, and the kid's seemed to be really convicted. They were really surprised when Daddy said,'' Lazarus Come Forth!'' and one of the boys from church came out with toilet paper wrapped everywhere, it really illustrated the story for the kids. Well only a couple more weeks till our Kid's Krusade... we're doing a pirate theme!.. searching for hidden treasure~...Jennifer has pictures of the Kid's Krusade so go check em' out~

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