Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome Home Donnie and Rachael!!!

Donnie and Rachael came home today for a visit,and they will
be headed back tomorrow so please be praying that they get back safe!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Paul Playing The Piano~

This is Paul, our friend from WCBC.He's so great! You go Paul!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!!!

Happy Birthday To The Best Big Sister In The World!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Jennifer is gonna be 23, on Saturday, March 28th, and I know we will probably be so busy with birthday party's and bus visitation, and church on the weekend, so I wanted to go head and post something about my Best Friend!

Jennifer is my Best friend, I Love Her Soooo Much!
I have always looked up to her, and when I was little I wanted to dress like her, talk like her, and do everything she did. (I know it had to get on her last nerve) Now I still do some of that, but I'm not as bad. I love being around Jennifer, we do the craziest things together, but we always have fun.

I also look up to Jennifer in her christian life, she holds such a great testimony for the Lord! She is not afraid to lift her standard high and be a witness, and she is always trying to find new ways to serve the Lord in our church!!!!!!


I love you and I hope you have
the best Birthday ever,
I hope this year is the best year ever!
And I hope the Lord gives you just what you want for your Birthday~
and me and you both know what that is.

Happy 23rd Birthday!

Monday, March 23, 2009

College Spotlight of the Week 2..

This week my College Spotlight is on Golden State Baptist College

Golden State is one of my favorite colleges, too. I love the enthusiasm and the energy, Dr. Jack Trieber is one my favorite preachers, though I haven't heard him in person in a long time, I love listening to his sermons on the web! He is so full of life and so on fire for the Lord!

Please pray for the students at Golden State Baptist College, that they will serve the Lord, learn God's will, win souls, and leave there revived and on fire ready to accomplish everything God has for them to do!

If there are any Golden State fan's or students that attend GSBC (If your a student I hope your a fan)that look at my blog please leave a comment and let me know all about GSBC!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guess Who We Are Having For Revival...

Bro. Bobby Roberson


Bro. Norris Belcher

I'm so excited I can't wait! This year is going to be so amazing, I pray that it will be a big year for our church and that our church will be revived! We have had a good first three months, we have seen souls saved and there is definitely a better spirit in our church. But I would really love to see one of those old fashioned revivals, you know like the ones you read about where the altars were so full and you could hear people praying and weeping all around you, and people would be so convicted they couldn't stay in there seats, and the revival didn't consist of about two days, but lasted about two weeks and then would be extended for another week. I have truly never witnessed one of these revivals... But then I guess I truly have never had a revival like this in my own life. I know I do not pray like many of the people that started these great revivals, and I suppose that's what will start one today. So don't you honestly want to see an old fashioned revival in your life, aren't you tired of just coming together for a so called ''revival meeting'' and never being truly revived?I know I am. I pray the Lord will revive my heart, my life, and my church.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The First Day of Spring

To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under heaven:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Best Present Ever!!!!!!!!!!

Today my favorite traveling family sent me the best present!!!!!!
The Steve Epley family sent me a graduation present,
their brand new cd!!!!!!!
It isn't even on faith music missions site yet! I love the Epleys, I have every cd they have ever made and they have come to our church several times and I just love them!!!!!!

AHHHHHHH! I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

College Spotlight Of the Week

I thought I would Highlight all the Fundamental,

Bible-Believing, Colleges out there.

Here in America we are blessed to have so many great Bible colleges, that are training young men and women in the straight and narrow way. I believe we should pray for these places,so that's why I thought I'd pick one each week to pray for.

This week please be praying for

The Crown College of the Bible...

I love Crown College! My cousin and his wife attended Crown, and I know several other people there. Dr.Clarence Sexton is one of my favorite preachers. He is truly a great man of God, he is so humble and yet he has so much wisdom. Two years ago I talked to him at the Sword of the Lord Conference, He signed my Bible and talked to me like he really knew me. I was so blessed after I talked to him, He encouraged me so much. His sermons always stand out in my mind from past years. They are always so convicting and at the same time uplifting.

The Crown College of the Bible is such a great place, I pray God will continue to bless and work in this place and that great men of God will leave there and win souls for Christ for many years to come. If there are any students from Crown that visit my blog, please leave a comment so I can personally pray for you and you can tell me all about Crown. So this week pray for The Crown College of the Bible... Next week our spotlight will be on Golden State Baptist College.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Graduation

On Friday I had my Graduation,
It was very scary!

I was so nervous I could barely stand
still without shaking!

I was so thankful to everyone who came, I was so afraid no one would come~
But, other than me being scared to death it was a lovely night filled with lot's of wonderful memories!

I can't believe I've completed my high school education, it seems like yesterday Jennifer was graduating and I was just entering high school. Goodness! How time flies!

I received lot's of wonderful gifts and money(To put in my wedding account)hehe)

My Aunt Amy made me a Beautiful cake and we had the best food... but you know how I love McDonald's, so me, Jennifer, Sarah, and a couple of my other friends went afterwards for an apple pie and a drink~(for you yankees out there -soda,pop,or coca-cola)

It was such a wonderful night, here's some pictures so maybe you'll get an idea of just how wonderful it was.

This is my cake,the purple was really a darker purple
I don't know why it looks lighter~

The ''The Trophies of Grace''

Me~playing ''Savior like a Shepherd Lead Us''

Mama, reading a letter she wrote me

Me, receiving my Diploma

Me, with my beautiful bouquet of flowers

Me, opening presents

And the best present of all... Daddy and Mama gave me a Princess Ring it was so beautiful, I wore it that night, it was so sparkly though it kept distracting me during the service...hehe.

See Isn't it Beautiful?

And so now that my Graduation is over I'll be spending my days writing thank you notes, like I did this afternoon when Katie snapped this picture~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And the Winner is.....

Congratulations, Sarah!!!
You win Love Comes Softly!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm soooo sorry if any of you heard the song I put on my playlist today ''Raise Me Up'' I put it on there without listening to the entire thing... and it was such a beautiful song until they had to add that drum beat! So if you listened to the entire song you might of heard it and thought ''I can't believe she put that on there!'' But don't worry I only listen to christian, conservative, Christ honoring music.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Give Away!!!

Love Comes Softly DVD

This is one of my favorite movies, though it's not exactly like the book
it's a really good movie!
So just leave your name in my comments and I will draw out the winner on Thursday!
So hurry you only have 3 days!

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Tomorrow is my friend Sarah's 19th Birthday(Not my cousin Sarah)
I haven't seen her in 3 years. We were pen pals for like 2 years, then her family felt the Lord calling them to start a church in Wyoming, so we had them come to our church and we finally got to meet!!!! Now she is way out in WY being a cowgirl, but we still manage to text and email each other.
I love you, Girl and I'm praying for ya! I hope you have a great 19th Birthday!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Don!!!!!

Happy Birthday Uncle Don!!!!!!
I love you and I hope you have the Best Birthday Ever!!!
Thanks for everything you have done for me and thanks for being a Godly Uncle and for all the fun times and for always making me laugh and teasing me and aggravating, too!!!!
I love you~

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Graduation Video

Only 11 more days until my graduation... I'm getting alittle more nervous. I'm totally afraid that when I walk down the aisle I'm gonna fall flat on my face!!! Wouldn't that be funny... and scary... but funny~ I sound a little weird in this video(because I'm trying to make sure all my words come out right) I really sound a little countrier~ I had to mention of course what I'll be doing now that I'm out school, Because you know how everyone loves to ask. ''So what are you gonna do with your life?'' So here it is. No I am not going anywhere... I plan to stay home under the authority of my Daddy and Mama and continue learning all about being a homemaker, until someday the Lord sends me a Godly man, and then if the Lord blesses me with children I will( like I said in my movie) have the Greatest job in the world, raising the next generation of warriors for Christ!

I don't desire a career of any kind, and I'm not looking for a degree in anything. All I want is to be a wife and mother... Usually if you tell that to the older generation you get alot of bad talk and advice, they are all about career and you need a college education, you need to be liberated, you don't need a man! you know what I'm talking about. But the other day I was truly blessed, an older lady in our church was asking what I was going to do, and I told her what I truly wanted, and she told me that was the greatest thing we as women can do, she said that's what the bible says we are to be keeper's at home (and you can switch and twist that around to suit you but it means to me just what it says) she told me that that's all she ever wanted to do and she said that she believed the Lord would bless me and give me my heart's desire. She always has an encouraging word I just love talking to her she is soooo different from most ladies her age. I hope that I always lift my hands to praise God and always remain positive~Because God is so Good!