Monday, March 2, 2009

My Graduation Video

Only 11 more days until my graduation... I'm getting alittle more nervous. I'm totally afraid that when I walk down the aisle I'm gonna fall flat on my face!!! Wouldn't that be funny... and scary... but funny~ I sound a little weird in this video(because I'm trying to make sure all my words come out right) I really sound a little countrier~ I had to mention of course what I'll be doing now that I'm out school, Because you know how everyone loves to ask. ''So what are you gonna do with your life?'' So here it is. No I am not going anywhere... I plan to stay home under the authority of my Daddy and Mama and continue learning all about being a homemaker, until someday the Lord sends me a Godly man, and then if the Lord blesses me with children I will( like I said in my movie) have the Greatest job in the world, raising the next generation of warriors for Christ!

I don't desire a career of any kind, and I'm not looking for a degree in anything. All I want is to be a wife and mother... Usually if you tell that to the older generation you get alot of bad talk and advice, they are all about career and you need a college education, you need to be liberated, you don't need a man! you know what I'm talking about. But the other day I was truly blessed, an older lady in our church was asking what I was going to do, and I told her what I truly wanted, and she told me that was the greatest thing we as women can do, she said that's what the bible says we are to be keeper's at home (and you can switch and twist that around to suit you but it means to me just what it says) she told me that that's all she ever wanted to do and she said that she believed the Lord would bless me and give me my heart's desire. She always has an encouraging word I just love talking to her she is soooo different from most ladies her age. I hope that I always lift my hands to praise God and always remain positive~Because God is so Good!

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Becca said...

It is so encouraging to see young ladies graduating, remaining under their parents protection, and helping their families! Praise the Lord for your testimony! :)

I certainly wish that I knew older ladies like the one you mentioned--what a godly encouragement she must be!