Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guess Who We Are Having For Revival...

Bro. Bobby Roberson


Bro. Norris Belcher

I'm so excited I can't wait! This year is going to be so amazing, I pray that it will be a big year for our church and that our church will be revived! We have had a good first three months, we have seen souls saved and there is definitely a better spirit in our church. But I would really love to see one of those old fashioned revivals, you know like the ones you read about where the altars were so full and you could hear people praying and weeping all around you, and people would be so convicted they couldn't stay in there seats, and the revival didn't consist of about two days, but lasted about two weeks and then would be extended for another week. I have truly never witnessed one of these revivals... But then I guess I truly have never had a revival like this in my own life. I know I do not pray like many of the people that started these great revivals, and I suppose that's what will start one today. So don't you honestly want to see an old fashioned revival in your life, aren't you tired of just coming together for a so called ''revival meeting'' and never being truly revived?I know I am. I pray the Lord will revive my heart, my life, and my church.

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