Monday, August 31, 2009

Bethany is the little baby in this picture... wow we were all sooo little.

Now she's no longer a little baby...

She's all Grown Up!!!!

Happy Birthday Bethany!
I love You!!!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

*~Bethany's 12th Birthday Party~*

Yesterday we had Bethany's party...her birthday is on Monday, so we went ahead and had her party. It's kinda sad, her last year of really being a kid... I remember when she was born... she was so little and quiet, and now she's so old and not quiet at all.hehe
I wish I had our old computer it had so many picture's of her when she was little... Maybe I can find one and post it on monday... here's the pictures of her party.

Bethany wanted a Beach themed party...

Isn't it pretty...I hung the Pictures up..there pictures of us at the Beach...
Pretty Crafty ain't I?

Everyone Getting Ready to Eat...



This is the Cake we made for Bethany's came from
Keeping it Simple Blog click the link for the Recipe...

Make A Wish!
This cake is better cold so if you make it... put it in the fridge and eat it the next day... we've all been sneaking peices of cake all day today...sssshhhhh!

The Cake was really good.... Me and Sarah enjoying it!


Cute Purse!!!


More Candy!!!!

Donnie and Rachael got Bethany a little American Girl Doll...
Rebecca... I like her name!

Yeyyyy! She got the Game!!!!

What every Good Christian Girl needs... a Bluejean Skirt!

American Girl Book...she just loves AG stuff!

Jean Jacket

Ohhhh pretty Doll!!!!!

A Dress for her Doll
Smile Sarah!
Jennifer playing with Bethany's doll....
Everyone Had to Play the Mayberry game before they left... Molly won...Donnie wasn't too happy about that..hehe it was sooo fun!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Girl Questionare

Hey Ya'll, this is a Wedding/Girly questionare that my sister Jennifer did on her blog... So I thought I'd give it a try to.
1. What two qualities do you want most in your future husband (besides being a Christian)? Hardworking/but yet easy-going & Laid back, Kind and Sweet...okay it's hard to just list two qualities...hehehe
2. Is there a fictional character you see as a model for your future husband? Prince Charming...hehe ummm...Joe Willard...Mr.Darcy...
3. Where do you want your wedding? My church...
4. What are your views on courtship? I did a post on it awhile back, but basiclly I believe courtship should be prayed over and a serious thing, it should be done under your parents... and should glorify God in every part. Courtship is such a beautiful thing, noone's courtship is alike. Look in the Bible the Lord used different things to bring different people together in every situation. Here are a few Girl's I know of, their courtship stories are so encouraging.. Naomi, Courtney, and Crystal. The diference between Courtship and dating is courtship should lead to marriage, you should be almost quite sure that the person you are courting, could be the one you spend the rest of your life with. Well enough said...
5. Do you have a purity ring/locket? Yes, my Daddy gave me a purity ring on my 13th birthday
6. Do you have or want a hope chest? No sadly I don't have a hope chest..but I have my things that belong in a hope chest scattered around the house in boxes.
7. Will you wear a veil at your wedding? Yes, I want to wear a long pretty veil.
8. What kind of wedding dress do you want? I want to wear my Mama's wedding has lace all over it, it's so very pretty...I tried it on a few months ago... and ohhhh I can't wait to wear it!
9. What color bridesmaid dresses do you want? I'm not sure, it depends on what time of year I get married...probably blue or violet.
10. What flowers do you want in your bouquet? I like forget-me-nots... and violets... but mostly forget-me-nots....
11. What do you want to name one of your daughters? hummmm..I always think of having boys..but if a girl I like Michaela...
12. What do you want to name one of your sons? Samuel, Nathan, Keith, Ashton....that's a funny one...ummm Zac, Phillip, okay I have a long list...
13. How many kids do you want? oh lot's...but I'll be happy with whatever the Lord gives me and my man.
14. What music do you want to play at your wedding? I have several songs picked out... I like a song that was sung at Courtney's wedding..''Your Too Good To Be True''..
15. Are you a hopeless romantic? I am afraid sooo....I romantize everything... But I know that God's way is going to be even better than I could ever dream up.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Picture Post!

Hey Everybody I told ya'll that another one of these posts would be coming soon... So here it is!
These are very Random pictures, so I hope you enjoy them!
Mama being eaten by a Crocodile!!!!
Mini Golf Anyone?
Me with very different hair...I don't think I'll be cutting my hair like this...
Naaa... I like it long!
Sarah, Me, and Donnie... a couple of years ago, when Sarah first got her Camera!
Fun Times!
And the last one.... Me at Donnie and Rachael's wedding...
getting the whole thing on Camera... My arms sure were tired~hehe

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gianna Jessen:Abortion Surviver

If any of ya'll have been to my Mama's Blog, you've watched these videos.
Gianna Jessen is truly an amazing story, I have watched it several times... it is so amazing how God saved her from being murdered as a little helpless baby, and now is using her to praise Him, and spread the truth about abortion. Please watch this below, it's Gianna speaking to the Parliament in Victoria, Australia. Please take the time to watch both videos... it will truly bless you, I promise.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


We found the Coolest game!!!! Mayberry-opoly!!!!! You know I love Mayberry!!!!:)
Around here it's like a'' have to love'' thing... a man in our church asks everyone, do they like Andy Griffith...and of course everyone does. I wish life was like the Andy Griffith Show... it would be so simple! Bethany wants to get this game for her Birthday, which is coming up soon! I got to see our friends from Mayberry this week, they were down visiting some family and stopped by our Church for Wednesday night service... it was great to see them again...Don't worry Ben, your family didn't act that weird...
they remind me of my family, funny times!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back To School!

Well Next week School starts back...
It feels weird not to be getting my books out, and starting another year of highschool. But I know learning never ends...
Sarah started her Senior Year this week... Soon she'll be graduated. Katie is going to be a Freshman!
Oh goodness! We are all getting so old!

Be praying for all the Kid's going back to school.. and the College Kid's, too.hehe
Don't worry Christmas Break is just around the Corner!

Monday, August 17, 2009


There is a Giveaway on Jenna's Blog Homestead Blessing's The Art of Bread Making, it's and instrumental DVD by the West Ladies... If ya'll remember the Song I put on my blog a while back... Green Beans in the Garden, that's the West Girls. Please check it out!


Hey Everybody... just wanted to let ya'll know that if you tried to click Katie's 2nd blog in the post below, if it didn't work I'm so sorry. I fixed it today! So now you can click the link and it should work! Thanks

Lazy...Day Dreaming...Days...

The Last of Summer Days.
Days filled with really nothing,
Days filled with little pieces of Summer
and little glimpse of Fall.

Day Dreaming of Fall days, Fall always seems so warm and cozy... and something romantic and breezy about the Season. You can tell it's my favorite of all the Seasons.

Today was one of those days...
Such a wonderful day it has been...
Everyday is so precious, to think that
this day will never return...
And Every Day is a Memory we are making for Tomorrow... So let's make it a wonderful and precious memory!

I'm Sorry I'm rambling on like this... I suppose it's because it is one of those wonderful days... the last of Summer, and I'm just feeling especially happy.

Right now I'm watching one of my Favorite movies, Since You Went Away, and I guess you can say... just being Lazy~
A preacher friend of the Family, Bro.Randy, is coming over to check out our Bathroom...
So we shall see what happens with that.
Well enough of my goings on... have fun in these last Summer Days!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Those Who Wait

Hello Blog People! I was looking at all my Blog Friends Blog's today, and just happen to think... Katie has two blog's now! I have really enjoyed looking at her 2nd Blog... Those Who Wait.. a blog encourageing those who have decided to wait on God and trust Him for their Mate! Please check it out! The last post I read was very Good, here's the link...A Rather Interesting Thought

Friday, August 14, 2009

I've Been Given a Kreative Blog Award!!!!!

Jennifer, my darling Sister gave me this award... I have to list 7 things that my Blogger people don't know about me, and then pick 7 people to give the award to.

Hmmmm...That's a hard one.... let me think...

1. I'm Blind... okay not totally blind, but almost... I wear contacts, I didn't really know I was blind until Me and Sarah went to take Driver's Ed. Being homeschooled I always was at the front of the class..I guess you could say... and I thought everyone saw things blurry far away. When we went to the classes, I was so glad I had Sarah because I couldn't read a thing on the board...By the end of the week I knew I was gonna fail the eye test, I went up to the Lady and looked in the little box really fast, Because I knew I couldn't see... in fact I didn't see anything! I told the lady, she didn't believe me, after several times of looking in the box.. and the Woman pressing down on the little button, she finally believed me. So now I can see the preacher's faces when they preach, and the different leaves, it sooo good to be able to see!!!!!

2. When ever I get a new CD, I listen to it over and over.. until I memorize every word to every song! I don't like to listen to things and not be able to sing along~

3. I've never been on a plane, or boat. Maybe someday, on my honeymoon... or on a mission's trip...I would like to go fishing on a boat sometime...

4. I have a Fear of Knives...Ever since Me, Sarah, and Donnie went way, way, way deep in the woods behind their house... to a place we had never been before. We decided to clear the land( I think we were gonna build a fort or something) So Donnie got out his Camo Backpack and gave us some pocket knives... So here I go trying to chop down a tree with a pocket knife...Donnie Loves to tell this story~
Anyway I chopped and chopped...and then I kinda chopped something other than the tree...Blood started dripping down my finger, then my hand...I'm a bad bleeder... Then Donnie and Sarah saw it and started to freak out! Donnie(being the survivor man that he is) got out his first aid kit, and tried to put a bandaid on it...but it was far beyond that. So I'm like I think we need to go back, so with blood dripping every where..even on Donnie's Camo Backpack( Sorry Donnie) We started running Back, Donnie thought my finger was gonna fall off, and Sarah was way behind caught in briers and calling us to wait for her.( This is the part everyone gets mixed up...somehow the younger one's in our family thought I fainted or Something and Donnie had to carry me back, But the story is not quite so Dramatic!)We finally got back to the house, Mama cleaned my finger up, turned out it wasn't that bad~ and we tried to remove most of the blood from Donnie's Backpack! But ever since then I get this funny feeling around knives... I know it's weird... But I'm trying to overcome it.

5. I've Shot an Assault Rifle..A-K 47 I think... it was fun, too! Let's just say there was a lot of Dead fish in the pond after that!hehe...

6.I rode almost every ride at our County Fair, last year. Except for one that you could in no way ride it modestly... But me and Sarah rode every other one. We even rode the one that makes everyone sick... 6 or maybe it was 7 times. I can't wait till this year's fair...We'll have the whole gang going this year...Donnie, Jennifer, and Rachael...I think Rachael's brother might even be here. Jennifer and Donnie missed the Fair last year...So they are looking forward to it.

7. I own 5 or 6 formal gowns... I have an obsession with them I guess... I buy them at Goodwill, and I bought one from Simply Elegant, and different Consignment Shops...I never have anywhere to wear them, I told Mama I think I'll just wear them to church one day... Maybe my Prince Charming will come and take me to the Ball..hehe.. anyway I love fancy dresses!

I would like to give this Award to...

Mrs.Freida at A GRITS Life As A Preacher's Wife
Courtney at Courtney's Contemplations
Ashley at Country Maiden's Lane
Thelma at The Caffeine Queen
Brooke at Texas Girl
Amber at Joyful Homemaker
Rachel at Living Our Love
For Having such a Creative Blog!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Woman's Touch!

Sunday, We had a little girls club, teaching the girls in our Church how to be and act like a Daughter of the King. This Sunday Mama talked about our Mouths, how what is in our hearts comes out of our mouths. She quoted Proverbs chapter 7... and talked about how we need to stay as far away from appearing like this woman as possible...A woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtle of heart. She is Loud and Stubborn; her feet abide not in her house.

I was thinking how horrible it would be to appear like this woman. So I want to constantly be aware of how I am talking, acting, what I'm wearing, and how my heart is. Which if my heart is right... the other things should fall in place. As ladies we should be careful to watch our speech, how we say things, and how loud we say them. We should never be forward or flirty...and we should never say vile, and filthy things either. As ladies, and especially as Christian ladies our speech should be sweeter than Honey and we should try to always be encouraging and uplifting.
That is so hard for us ladies, but it is something we should constantly be working on...

We should also watch our attire... In Bible times harlots were identified by one thing, they may have appeared like the other ladies, but one thing was a sign of a harlot. They would have a slit in their dress, to show everyone who they were. As ladies we have such a witness in our dress, people identify us with what we wear. As I put in a past post, if your a Christian Lady people will know your a Christian, by the way you act... but also by the way you dress. We have a way of witness that men don't have... Many people have come up to me, because I wear modest skirts and dresses, and asked me if I'm a Christian. I know that just because I wear dresses, doesn't make me a Christian... but I wonder how many people would ask me that, at first glance... if I were wearing jeans. It's amazing how Christian Ladies are so ashamed of dressing to be separate from the world, by simply wearing a dress or skirt, but muslim women will wear the full head covering unashamed! What is wrong ladies? We are serving the One True God, can we not serve Him in our Dress?
Something else we Christian Ladies need to be careful of, is how we appear in our clothes.... I can dress perfectly modest, but appear the wrong way. So many times I have tried things on that nothing necessarily wrong with them, but something just looked a little something...if you know what I mean. Sometimes we have to be careful how we walk, stand, take pictures. We should never appear like the woman in proverbs chapter 7... she may have appeared like the other woman, but she had that slit... is there something that you know is just not quite right, about your outfit? Or the way you carry yourself.... We must remember that we want to stay away from the very appearance of evil!!!!
Let's remember to not be Loud or Stubborn.... or Be Subtle of Heart... or have the Attire of a Harlot...
Below is a video of ''A Woman's Touch'' From the movie Calamity Jane
It's a funny little movie But...
It shows how we as woman can really do so much, and how Calamity changed when she became a true lady. Let's be like Katie, and show the World a true Woman's touch!

Hope you enjoyed this and remember Never Underestimate a Woman's Touch!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Memories We Make Today!!!!!!

Last night Me, Jennifer, Katie, and Sarah went to the Alumni Soccer Game at the Christian School in town... which is Sarah's school... we went to cheer on all the old gang, that used to play with Donnie when he was out there, but only a few played. It was a good game the old Chargers
... made one goal...we cheered very loud for them... because we were almost the only one's there.. so they needed us to cheer them on!!!!!! After the game we went to Target and walked around and basically just acted crazy... we were too poor to buy anything so
we tried on hats, wraps, and lot's and lot's of shoes!!!!! Ya'll know I love Shoes!!!!! Anyway after all the craziness, where do you think we had to end our night out.... Can you guess?
Yey, you were right!!!!!! We got a Mcflurry... all except Sarah, she's the health nut of the group, she got a Fruit Parfait.... And then We left McDonalds....
And Sang Acapella all the way Home.... Fun Times!!!!!!

Before the Game We went to McDonalds....We just Love McDonalds!!!!

Katie and the Game...Woooooooo!!!!!

Me and Sarah...Go Chargers....Old Chargers, that is!!!!!!!!!
Run!!!!!! You Can Do it!!!!!
Me and Sarah hopped a ride on this Motorcycle....JK!!!!!!
Sarah's New Baby Hot Rod!!!!! Again Jk.....Sarah would never get rid of her Hot Rod!

Katie looking like a Cool Old Man.... I know I'm Weird!!!!!
Jennifer looking classy....
Me and Sarah looking like two
very mysterious ladies....oooooo!!!!!
Red Classy Shoes!!!!!!
The Ugliest Shoes in the World!!!!!! Please forgive me if you own a pair of shoes like these... I'm sure they look better with your outfit.... But they are just kinda scary!!!!!!
BandAid Shoes!!!!!
I kinda like these shoes.... Fred Astaire Retro....
Very Conservative!!!!!
Not Sure What Kinda shoes these are???
Quick Someone help Katie, she can't hold the building up anymore!!!!!!
Sarah to the Rescue!!!!! Wow Sarah your soooo strong!!!!!
Jennifer's mad because she can't kick the ball!!!! It's okay Jennifer, the Ball is just to big!
Feed The Poor!!!!!!!!Please!!!!! Don't you just love hobos?!!!!
Don't Ask...
Ah Pari!
Sarah's Fruit Parfait...Yummmm....hehe...
Jen and Katie enjoying their Mcflurry....

Bethany Made me Take this picture of her Hat she made for Sunday School.... Her Class is having a Hat Contest Tomorrow! Pretty cool right?.... I wonder who gave her such a wonderful idea?????....