Monday, August 10, 2009

A Woman's Touch!

Sunday, We had a little girls club, teaching the girls in our Church how to be and act like a Daughter of the King. This Sunday Mama talked about our Mouths, how what is in our hearts comes out of our mouths. She quoted Proverbs chapter 7... and talked about how we need to stay as far away from appearing like this woman as possible...A woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtle of heart. She is Loud and Stubborn; her feet abide not in her house.

I was thinking how horrible it would be to appear like this woman. So I want to constantly be aware of how I am talking, acting, what I'm wearing, and how my heart is. Which if my heart is right... the other things should fall in place. As ladies we should be careful to watch our speech, how we say things, and how loud we say them. We should never be forward or flirty...and we should never say vile, and filthy things either. As ladies, and especially as Christian ladies our speech should be sweeter than Honey and we should try to always be encouraging and uplifting.
That is so hard for us ladies, but it is something we should constantly be working on...

We should also watch our attire... In Bible times harlots were identified by one thing, they may have appeared like the other ladies, but one thing was a sign of a harlot. They would have a slit in their dress, to show everyone who they were. As ladies we have such a witness in our dress, people identify us with what we wear. As I put in a past post, if your a Christian Lady people will know your a Christian, by the way you act... but also by the way you dress. We have a way of witness that men don't have... Many people have come up to me, because I wear modest skirts and dresses, and asked me if I'm a Christian. I know that just because I wear dresses, doesn't make me a Christian... but I wonder how many people would ask me that, at first glance... if I were wearing jeans. It's amazing how Christian Ladies are so ashamed of dressing to be separate from the world, by simply wearing a dress or skirt, but muslim women will wear the full head covering unashamed! What is wrong ladies? We are serving the One True God, can we not serve Him in our Dress?
Something else we Christian Ladies need to be careful of, is how we appear in our clothes.... I can dress perfectly modest, but appear the wrong way. So many times I have tried things on that nothing necessarily wrong with them, but something just looked a little something...if you know what I mean. Sometimes we have to be careful how we walk, stand, take pictures. We should never appear like the woman in proverbs chapter 7... she may have appeared like the other woman, but she had that slit... is there something that you know is just not quite right, about your outfit? Or the way you carry yourself.... We must remember that we want to stay away from the very appearance of evil!!!!
Let's remember to not be Loud or Stubborn.... or Be Subtle of Heart... or have the Attire of a Harlot...
Below is a video of ''A Woman's Touch'' From the movie Calamity Jane
It's a funny little movie But...
It shows how we as woman can really do so much, and how Calamity changed when she became a true lady. Let's be like Katie, and show the World a true Woman's touch!

Hope you enjoyed this and remember Never Underestimate a Woman's Touch!


God's Been Good said...

Great post, Rebekah! Very true! I am so proud that you are my sister!


Our Cross Stitching Home/Historie/OneofGod'slittlePrincesses said...

I am deeply troubled by the attire of young ladies today. Virginia and I talk about this a lot, and I am so grateful that she is drawn to the modest apparel. So many times when I see some of the girls today, I think "where is your mother?" But "mother" is often dressed the same. I don't mean this to sound judgmental--it's just another sign of the times and the presence of the enemy in our culture.Thank you for your post.