Friday, August 14, 2009

I've Been Given a Kreative Blog Award!!!!!

Jennifer, my darling Sister gave me this award... I have to list 7 things that my Blogger people don't know about me, and then pick 7 people to give the award to.

Hmmmm...That's a hard one.... let me think...

1. I'm Blind... okay not totally blind, but almost... I wear contacts, I didn't really know I was blind until Me and Sarah went to take Driver's Ed. Being homeschooled I always was at the front of the class..I guess you could say... and I thought everyone saw things blurry far away. When we went to the classes, I was so glad I had Sarah because I couldn't read a thing on the board...By the end of the week I knew I was gonna fail the eye test, I went up to the Lady and looked in the little box really fast, Because I knew I couldn't see... in fact I didn't see anything! I told the lady, she didn't believe me, after several times of looking in the box.. and the Woman pressing down on the little button, she finally believed me. So now I can see the preacher's faces when they preach, and the different leaves, it sooo good to be able to see!!!!!

2. When ever I get a new CD, I listen to it over and over.. until I memorize every word to every song! I don't like to listen to things and not be able to sing along~

3. I've never been on a plane, or boat. Maybe someday, on my honeymoon... or on a mission's trip...I would like to go fishing on a boat sometime...

4. I have a Fear of Knives...Ever since Me, Sarah, and Donnie went way, way, way deep in the woods behind their house... to a place we had never been before. We decided to clear the land( I think we were gonna build a fort or something) So Donnie got out his Camo Backpack and gave us some pocket knives... So here I go trying to chop down a tree with a pocket knife...Donnie Loves to tell this story~
Anyway I chopped and chopped...and then I kinda chopped something other than the tree...Blood started dripping down my finger, then my hand...I'm a bad bleeder... Then Donnie and Sarah saw it and started to freak out! Donnie(being the survivor man that he is) got out his first aid kit, and tried to put a bandaid on it...but it was far beyond that. So I'm like I think we need to go back, so with blood dripping every where..even on Donnie's Camo Backpack( Sorry Donnie) We started running Back, Donnie thought my finger was gonna fall off, and Sarah was way behind caught in briers and calling us to wait for her.( This is the part everyone gets mixed up...somehow the younger one's in our family thought I fainted or Something and Donnie had to carry me back, But the story is not quite so Dramatic!)We finally got back to the house, Mama cleaned my finger up, turned out it wasn't that bad~ and we tried to remove most of the blood from Donnie's Backpack! But ever since then I get this funny feeling around knives... I know it's weird... But I'm trying to overcome it.

5. I've Shot an Assault Rifle..A-K 47 I think... it was fun, too! Let's just say there was a lot of Dead fish in the pond after that!hehe...

6.I rode almost every ride at our County Fair, last year. Except for one that you could in no way ride it modestly... But me and Sarah rode every other one. We even rode the one that makes everyone sick... 6 or maybe it was 7 times. I can't wait till this year's fair...We'll have the whole gang going this year...Donnie, Jennifer, and Rachael...I think Rachael's brother might even be here. Jennifer and Donnie missed the Fair last year...So they are looking forward to it.

7. I own 5 or 6 formal gowns... I have an obsession with them I guess... I buy them at Goodwill, and I bought one from Simply Elegant, and different Consignment Shops...I never have anywhere to wear them, I told Mama I think I'll just wear them to church one day... Maybe my Prince Charming will come and take me to the Ball..hehe.. anyway I love fancy dresses!

I would like to give this Award to...

Mrs.Freida at A GRITS Life As A Preacher's Wife
Courtney at Courtney's Contemplations
Ashley at Country Maiden's Lane
Thelma at The Caffeine Queen
Brooke at Texas Girl
Amber at Joyful Homemaker
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For Having such a Creative Blog!


Brooke said...

Thank you! The question do I get the picture on my blog? Answer soon please! ;)

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Thanks so much for the award! That was sweet of you to think of me! :)