Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Picture Post~

Gerber Daisy... I'm thinking about putting this one in our County Fair.. I won a Blue Ribbon for a Fair picture last year... maybe this will win something...IDK it's very bright..

Me and Guess Who? our last year's Kid's Krusade...
Can you guess who this mysterious blond is?

Sarah in Sunglasses.....On the Way to the Beach...

Me in Sunglasses.... On the Way to the Beach...

Donnie.... this is Donnie's serious look...haha... and Rachael playing with a pink necklace..

Katie and Bethany enjoying a good ol' Coke Cola at the Blue Bird Diner, in Mt. Airy.
Hope ya'll enjoyed this Random Post... I'll probably do a post like this every now and then... So keep a watch out for 'em.


Rachel M. said...

Good pictures! Random posts are fun to do every now and then. I will keep my eye open for them when they come! :)

Love in Him,
Rachel M.

Sarah said...

That was a really dorky picture of me in sunglasses. Thanks a lot for posting it. Hahaha! Just kidding. I don't care. Hey I betcha I can guess who the mysterious blond is! Hahaha! Good times!