Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm Back but only for 1 reason.... She's Taken!!!

For all those of you who watched Jen and Jon fall in Love......Here is the result....
They're Engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO-HOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Last Post

Yes it's true my last post...
I will miss posting on here, But I feel that it is time for me to move on in a different direction.
God has been good in my life, and like I said before When God opens a door I walk through here I go...


Oh but please keep me in ya'll's prayers...especially tomorrow Me, and some friends will be traveling to TN...just for a little trip:)
Have a Great life!....and Remember to always give people the benefit of the doubt, try to see the good, always lift up the name of the Lord, and Always Live Joyfully In The Lord!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He's Already in Your Tomorrow

This is one of my favorite songs, it encourages me so much...To Know that God knows what My tomorrow holds, and He is going to be there with me whatever I'm going to face. So we shouldn't be afraid to face our future or be afraid to do great things for the Lord.

My favorite verse of this song is the second one...Because sometimes Where I am in my life, I dread the future and cling to the present. Sometimes with people discouraging me, my dreams get pushed away and smashed down...and at times I give up on them. But that shouldn't be, I want to do great things for the Lord, I never want to give up on my dreams...
Often you struggle looking ahead,
Dreading tomorrow, it seems.
Embracing the present, forgetting the past,
Giving up on your dreams
You're standing between, your faith and your fear
Yet no matter the conflict the future is clear.

My Future is so clear...I'll continue to serve the Lord, do His will, walk through each door He opens in my life...until He closes them...and He'll be right there beside me. Because...

He's already in your tomorrow;
He's walking one step ahead. Whether its joy or its sorrow,
He'll do just what He said.
He'll never leave you lonely,
In the land of the great unknown.
He's already in your tomorrow;
Don't be afraid to keep pressing on

So Don't let anyone ever discourage you from doing something great for God! Don't let your Faith turn into Fear....Like the devil will try and do, he'll send little things to discourage you..through your closest friends, If God gives you a desire...or a dream...sometimes even your Christian friends wont understand, and dont want you to do something great for Him, But keep pressing on. Listen to God, not them.

Well I guess that's all I have to say~ Have a Good night Ya'll!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Matter of Prayer

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to ask everyone to please be praying for me... I have really been searching my heart about something that I felt God laid upon it a long time ago. I have been praying and seeking God's will in this situation. I ask that you would pray that God would show me His will, and continue to lead me in the direction I'm going if it's His will.

I have been praying for a while about this, and I just want to be sure that it is God's desire for my life...and not just my own Heart's desire. It really seems like God is moving in my life, and my prayers are finally being answered, But I need ya'll's prayers...

That the Lord will show me what His will is, what He wants me to do... in the next couple months...I'm really praying for this and I hope and pray that God will answer my prayers soon, and that if my desires do not match His will...then please pray God will change them and show me another direction to take.
Thanks for your prayers, I'm really trying to knock on Heaven's door with this matter...I pray the Lord will hear my prayer and have mercy on me...and answer them soon!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday To Jennifer!

Happy Birthday to Jennifer!!!! This is for you Sister!!!!!
I love you soooooo Much!!!! Hope tomorrow brings you the best Birthday ever!

Someone once told Jennifer...''How do you expect to find a man, if you are not at Bible College?"
Well Like the Picture above says...Is Anything too hard for God?

Katie's Class Pix....I did Bethany's but kinda messed up...oops...sooo you'll see her's later:)

Me...all springy~

Jonathan and

More of J&J....

Party time!!!!

Happy Birthday to you...woooo...Happy Birthday to you...woooo...happy Birthday Dear Jennifer...Happy Birthday to you..wooooo!!!

Opening Presents...oooo pretty:)

Photo Album....we love them~

Jonathan Bought Jenn...a bunch of scrapbooking stuff...and Vera Bradley...

Stephen asleep in my lap....awwwww

Me and Baby Cuteness( I mean Stephen)..He makes the funniest faces!

Time To Go, Says Stephen!

He's Here!

Just to let ya'll know that Jonathan is here!
Jennifer's party is more picture's coming soon!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Picture Post...Don't you just love these???

In the Car...crazy things happen:)

Jennifer....I don't what she's doing??? Maybe attempting to make her eyes look wider..8)

Katie at BAM...I think I am the only who takes random pictures at stores...who knows?

Another crazy moment in the car.....trying to make a weird picture with Bethany, Katie decided to help...with her arm in the picture:)

Baby Stephen...Awwww

Jennifer, Sarah, and Me...from Have it your way Bible College....Fun Times....

It's raining Hearts!!!!