Thursday, August 6, 2009

Facing The Giants!!!!!!

Wow! I t seems like me and my Family are really facing the giants right here lately.
If you've been to my sisters blog, you've seen our bathroom wall, well yesterday our other bathroom for some reason exploded because our washing machine was running! It over flooded for about 4 hours! So now almost all of the floor of Mama and Daddy's room has to be replaced! I think our house is falling apart. But at least it is fixable...though right now it smells kinda moldy...hehe but I keep telling Mama that something good is about to happen...
like in this movie below...
Facing the Giants... though the music in the background of some of the movie is CCM.. which I don't like, but the story of this movie is so good. The trials in this man's life often remind me of my family's life, I pray that like at the end of the movie something Good is about to happen!
But though life has been pretty rough, and money is a little low... the Lord is still Good!
Please be Praying for me and my family, especially Daddy and Mama as they decide what to do about our bathroom problems....It's so good to know that in the Mist of Disaster, when it seems all is lost, I can cling to the Master... and I can trust in His Cross!!I still have it all!!!!

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