Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm Back, Sword Pictures, New And Old Friends, and A Giveaway!

Yes Everybody I'm back, after a very good break from the wifi! I'm back to blogging. It was truly a wonderful week!!! I can honestly say it was the best Sword of the Lord Conference I've ever attended, and I've been going since I was a little girl. It seemed to have a fire and excitement about it this year different from past meetings, the preaching was soooo good, the singing, the sweet fellowship, it was all soooo good.

It was so amazing how all the sermons tied together, and every sermon had something there for me, convicting and reviving..oh it was just sooo good!

The fellowship was one of the best things. Seeing friends that we only get to see once a year, or even friends we see all the time, it's just so fun to be able to fellowship and enjoy everyone!

AHHHH! I wish I could go back, last night was such a great end, though.... But you know we had to end the night at McDonald's it's like a tradition... for every occasion! I miss all my friends, and I miss the preaching( though I'm looking forward to hearing the best preacher in the world, My Daddy) But if the Lord doesn't come back I'll be there next year!... Oh and the Giveaway is at the bottom.

Gospel Light Baptist Church Choir


Bro. Lonnie Moore

Bro. Lonnie Moore and Bro.Terry Lawson

Hutson Trio

The Sounds of Faith

Bro.Terry Lawson

The Barnes Family

Bro.Lonnie, Bro.Terry,and.... Bro. Joe Arthur... hehehe that was a surprise!

Me and Mama

Katie and Bethany

Katie, Bethany, Jennifer, and a friend of the family, Mrs.Madrina.

David Chamberlain plays the piano for the Conference every year! I always enjoy hearing him play... wish I could play like him!

Bro. Bobby Roberson

Dr.Clarence Sexton

Dr.John Hamblin

Bro.Mike Norris

Dr.Norris Belcher

Dr.Tom Sexton

Dr. Shelton Smith

Bro.Mike Allison

Bro.Lou Rossi

Bro.Joe Arthur

A beautiful, modest formal dress that me and Katie tried on, from Simply Elegant formal gowns. They had a booth in the gym.

Katie in the Blue Dress... you can tell this one was our favorite!

Jennifer and a lady that was dressed like her one day... we just had to get a picture!

Fellowshipping...before church starts

Can I see the Camera?..

More Fellowshipping...

Eating with Friends at this really good restaurant called Olympic... it was soo good!

One of Jennifer's friends Rebecca...

Mama enjoying her salad...

This is my Spaghetti plate.... Trust me I had to share...

Me and My Friends... Ben, Timothy, Rachael, Donnie, Me, and Sarah.

Mama and one of her friends, Mrs. Rachel

Mama and another Friend, Mrs. Naomi

Mrs. Naomi's Family

And Like I said we had to end at McDonald's... I hated saying Goodbye to everyone... I'll miss being able to eat and talk and see friends... but... I guess we'll meet again... soon I hope!!!!
Oh and Here's the Giveaway! We had an Extra Book, by Dr.Clarence Sexton.. Straight from the 75th Sword Conference! Please enter your name in and you can win it! Leave a comment and I'll draw names at the end of the week!


Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a great time:) Enter me in for the book!!

Katie said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!! I have heard many of those preachers before! Oh, and enter me please! :-D

~~Deby said...

oh it looks like it was so great..I have only heard Joe Arthur in person here on the westcoast...I listen to Dr. Belcher on line....this would be sheer joy for all are state, Washington is a hard place....
WOuld love to be entered for this book...
yesipray at gmail dot com