Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kid's Krusade Pictures!

Tonight was our first night of Kid's Krusade, and it was so Great!
One of my little Bus Kid's got saved!!!! 9-year old Ryan!
I was so excited! I think the kid's really had fun, and a couple of the adults...
Some of us dressed up like Pirates... I was the bad Pirate, and Sarah and Jennifer were my Crew. Tomorrow I might put the video of our Sword fight with Daddy.
Daddy was Captain Johnny, captain of the Old Ship Of Zion. Tonight He preached on searching for wisdom. It was such a wonderful night, I can't wait till tomorrow night!

Here's the Picture of Daddy's Ship he made, isn't it cool?!

The Treasure Chest...

The Kid's singing

Captain Johnny...Daddy

Me~ the Bad Pirate...Captain Anne Bonny

Katie and Me

Captain Johnny and His First Mate...Mama

Jennifer...My Crew Member...and Her Eyeball...

Rachael, Mrs.Karen from Church, and Jennifer
BK from church, Happy after eating her Snack!

BK enjoying His Patch...Arrch!!!

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Lindsay said...

That looks like fun, Rebekah! The ship your dad built is so cool. It turned out great! :) You and your family look good in your pirate outfits too ;) Thanks for sharing the pictures.

~ Blessings,