Monday, July 20, 2009

The GRITS Way of Life...

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Fried Green Tomatoes
Being a total GRITS~That's Girls raised in the South, I am all about the Southern Way of Life.
Sweet Tea, Biscuits, Fried Chicken, Respecting your Mama and Daddy, God, Country, and Tradition. Southern Girls know that you say Yes Ma'am, and they know that if your man has an earring and long hair, then they'll call him Ma'am, too.
Let's not forget our accent...
Us Southern Belles are known for our Charming, Sweet as Honey, Accent.
In America our Southern Accent is closest to the Queen's English than any other accent. Scottish, Irish, and rural English formed the basis of our language...
GRITS also know that in the South,
Girls know what kind of man they need, they always know what to look for.
Someone who is like...
Andy Griffith
Robert E.Lee
and last but not least... DADDY!
But we know that the All Mighty will take care of us, when it comes to the Right Man.
After all a true Southern Girl doesn't chase a man... she let's the man chase her...
If your from the South you know what a Moon Pie is, you know that Barbeque is pulled or chopped pork..not just something you throw on the grill, you know that before any girl gets married she has to know how to fry a chicken and make a good ol' biscuit and the perfect glass of sweet tea. In other word's life is just plain better in the South...hehe. Though we don't mind Yankees, we southerner's just seem to enjoy life a little more, and even when it's not so grand, if you ask us we'll reply,'' I'm just Fine, how bout you?'' No matter what.
The Southern Girl
by Samuel Alfred Beadle
The Fairest thing on land or sea
Is the Southern Girl, to me.
You should see her when the stars
Come studding all the sky;
And feel her beaming eye
On you when the moon is full-
Fairest of all that's fair is she,
The Southern Girl, to me.
I thank God that I was born in the South, and if I ever leave it, I'll never forget that I'm a GRITS born and Raised. So Daww-ling until next time, Ya'll come back now Ya hear!


God's Been Good said...

Hahaha...very good, Rebekah! Right on target about us Southern Gals!



Paulina said...

Cute! I found myself reading this in a southern accent LOL!