Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where Are the Men?

Where are the Men? That seems to be the question today, where women are in charge everywhere and do everything. Where are the men who will stand up, and Say I'll do what ever it takes to bring this country back. Where are the Men in the White House? Where are the Men in the Church? Where are the Men in the Pulpit? Where are the Men in the Home?

God, this Country, our Homes, need a Few Good Men...

We need men like my Daddy who will fight for what is right, and stand, when those around him fall. Though I know that men are human, just like women, it's the man's job to lead. Eph.5:22

Women- lift up your Father, Brother, and Husband. Honor them. Give them the opportunity to take the lead. I try very hard to Honor my Father, and any Good Christian Man, sometimes it is hard. I have heard Christian Ladies say that they do not need them, and claim they would be better off without them. Please don't be this way, not even joking! Always Honor the man that God has put over you, whether it be your Father, Pastor, Brother, or Husband. Someday I hope the Lord will send me a man that fits the description of this song... A Man full of Compassion, who'll laugh, and love and cry, A Man who'll face eternity and isn't afraid to die, A Man who'll fight for Freedom and Honor once again,... and I pray I will be a wife who will stand right beside him, praying, loving, and Honoring Him while he does it.

What We need is a Few Good Men...

Please turn off the Music at the Bottom, so you can hear the Song!


Becca said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It is so important for us to support and encourage the godly, manly men that God has given to us!

My Daddy is also a wonderful example of godly manhood. I praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve as his daughter--it is such an honor!

Jason A. Hunsicker said...

Sad to say this is very true! Men these days have become way too content with letting the women lead. It should not be that way. Men need to step up and take the lead!

Thank you for posting this. It was very encouraging for me to read. If anything it motivates me to try and take a more active role in my church.

I often struggle with not wanting to lead the singing, or teach junior church because I would rather not have the responsibility...but it shouldn't be that way. I need to be ready adn willing to help out wherever I can!

Wow, wrote way more than I wanted to! Anyway, thank you so much for posting this!

Rebekah said...

Thank you, Becca and Jason,
those comments were very encourageing to me, I'm glad this post was used as an encouragement, and blessings. May the Lord be glorified through it!

Bea's World said...

Great post, love the new background and header! =)