Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tea Room

Today us girls went to an Old English Tea Room, trying on Hats, pretending to be back in Victorian times, and looking at the Antiques down stairs. Ah! Such fun! Here's some pictures... and come back tomorrow night to see pictures of the Kid's Krusade~

Sarah and Me

Sarah, Katie, and Me squished in the middle seat.

Taylor(a little girl from church), Bethany, and Molly

The little girls with this statue... doesn't it look like a real girl?

Katie, Mama, and Jennifer getting ready for Tea

Me, Sarah, and Molly... love the look on Sarah's face!

Bethany and Taylor


My Tea Cup...I don't why they never match... but it's still cute!

My Chocolate Scone...Yum~

Trying on Hat's at the Antique Store that's a part of the Tea Room.

Grapes anyone?

Sad Hat...

Black Hat...

Pretty Hat...

Bird Hat... my favorite thing... I'm kidding trust me,
I'm terrified of Birds!

A bed Jacket...

Pretty Pink Stuff!

I love all this country stuff~ I can't wait to decorate my own House!

Country Kitchen Stuff...

Patriotic... I just love it!

Okay this is a crazy Peacock Feather Hat that we just all had to try on...
Me first!

Then Jen...



Taylor...Drama Queen~

Miss Molly

Sarah looking So Classy~

I think Mama looks pretty Royal...



Love the Dress!

Crochet Anyone?

Watch Dog... hehe Get it?
I'm gonna get this sign when I get Married... Isn't it Sweet?

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Amber said...

I love these pictures! Our ladies to our pastors wife to a tea room for her birthday one year. It was such fun!