Friday, May 29, 2009

Revival with Dr.Norris Belcher

Last night we had such sweet service, Bro. Belcher preached a sermon that was definitely needed in our church and probably needed in most churches in America today. He preached on the seed and what ground it falls on, the good soil, the thorny soil, the hard soil, and then the burnt soil.How Christians get farther and farther away from God until they are in the world and they get burnt. It was a very good sermon, the alter was full and I'm sure many decisions were made last night.

Donnie and Rachael, singing ''Then Came the Morning''

Aunt Amy, played for ''the Fundamental Three'' and Donnie and Rachael, she always does just an awesome job! Thanks Aunt Amy!!!!!!
Bro.Norris Belcher preaching
Me and My Family with Dr.Norris Belcher
Tonight Bro.Mike Jones will be Preaching!!!
Oh by the way this is my
100th post!!!!!
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