Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last week we were able to hold our first Spanish service at our church.
Me and my family have always had a burden to reach the Spanish-speaking people in our area, and recently we became friends with Bro Keel who has started several Spanish churches and was also a missionary to Mexico. So Daddy and him went witnessing and door knocking and found that some families were interested and had been looking a good church.
So last Saturday we had church, a Spanish Pastor from another church came to preach and brought some of his people. We had one of the guys that could speak English, interpret.(I can speak a little Spanish~very little)The sermon was very Good, he preached on the church, the Love that the church should have, and the tears that should be shed for the lost souls on their way to hell. There was one young man that was there that wasn't saved one of the men talked to him afterward but he did not make any decision, so please pray that he will be convicted and will get saved before it's to late.

Bro. Mark Keel

Some of the People singing ''Stand Up, Stand Up, For Jesus''
in Spanish

Congregation singing ''Rescue the Perishing'' in Spanish

The Spanish Pastor Preaching


Sammie said...

I'll definitely be praying for that situation with the "one young man". But praise God for the Spanish service that was held. What a blessing!
I too can speak some Spanish. Actually, if I knew the vocabulary pretty well, then I might actually have a chance at a conversation. Because I'm better at the grammar then I am at the vocab, go figure. LOL.
But... I also speak a very little amount of Japanese, too!!!

Sayonara ~ Sammie

Amy Fichtner said...

How exciting!!!