Monday, December 15, 2008

A Busy Weekend

This past weekend was soooo busy!
With Caroling, Christmas parties, Ballgames, Spanish church, and ''I love Jesus Sunday'' .It's been pretty crazy.
We went Caroling on Friday with some of the young people from church. It was so fun.
Here's a video of us Caroling (Warning we are not pro. carolers)

We all rode on the church van and it got a little loud, especially when Daddy asked where we wanted to go eat~Did somebody say Mcdonald's? Sadly we didn't go to Mcd's, we went for pizza instead.But we all love Mcdonald's sweet tea!!!!!!!!!


Here's some Caroling pictures...

After a busy night I woke up bright and early and went to a Basketball game at Sarah's school. It was a great game even though they lost=( But it was a fun game to watch.

All the guys on the team got their heads shaved soooo it was kinda hard to tell them apart.

After the Ball game, I went home and then left again for Spanish church. It was so great! There was a new family there this time and Alberto, the guy that came last time, came back . I had to play piano this time (it was scary) but I was glad to help.

After Spanish church, a Couple in our church hosted a Christmas party so we went and had a great time. But I was getting a little tired. .'o

Next we had ''I Love Jesus Sunday'' at church. Dr.Ron Comfort came and preached an excellent sermon, and the most exciting thing~ 4 souls were saved!!!!! And 2 ladies Daddy led to the Lord on Thursday came forward and gave a profession of Faith.It was truly a wonderful day!!!!!!!!

But it was also a weird day.... look..

It get's weirder...

And we also had twins...



Sammie said...

YAY! I'm so happy to see you back on here, lol! I loved the pictures and especially the videos! I think I ought to make a whole montage to get caught up on my blog, it's been a while for me too since I've posted anything new, lol.

Amy Fichtner said...

Sounds like you were real busy and had a lot of funa t the same time!! We are going Christmas Caroling tonight with our church and I can't wait!!