Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Past

Me when I was little~ain't I cute?

Me and Sarah singing Christmas Songs

The Whole Gang ~ Doing a Christmas play for the rest of the family

The Fundamental Four ~Christmas '06

Last year ~Christmas Caroling

Me & Molly 2007

Me and My Family Last Christmas


Sammie said...

Love the pictures! Twas a neat idea to post Christmas pasts, lol. Now is the Fundemental 4 like... your singing group???

Rebekah said...

Well yeah ,kinda, we sing alot in church and ,I'm like we should have a name, so that's where the fundamental four came from...
When Jenn and Donnie were in college, people started making fun though.and called me and Sarah the Troublesome Two!lol...

Sammie said...

LOL! That's great! I mean, I'm not gonna start calling you that or anything, but as a joke it's funny. Not like a laugh at you sort of thing, but a laugh with you sort of thing! ...I'll stop now... lol! ;-) I like to sing a lot too!