Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Princess and the Kiss

I'm a 17 year old young lady .I'm not like most girls my age in so many ways . I'm not dating a bunch of guys ,I'm saving my heart for the man that I will one day marry,not handing pieces of it to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.I'm praying that the Lord will send my man to me, I'm not looking for him ,but I'm waiting and getting ready for him. But until he comes I'm serving the Lord and loving it! Another thing that makes me very different among most 17 yr old girls is I have never kissed a boy.I plan on saving my First Kiss for my Prince Charming on my wedding day. I love dreaming of that day ,I have so many plans for my wedding and I don't plan on ruining them for fun for a little while ,or sin for a season. I want to Honor and Please my Heavenly Father and my Earthly Father by living a clean and pure life, and having a good testimony. Along time ago we found this book that truly explains the wonderful gift God has given us our kiss, and how we should cherish it and save it for the one God has made for us.
The book is called ''The Princess and the Kiss'' by Jennie Bishop.
It's a wonderful story so I thought I'd share some bit's and pieces of the book.
When the Princess was finally grown , the King and Queen
called her to their side.
''We have something very special to give you,'' said the Queen
Up, up, up the royal family went to a secret room in a tower of the castle.
On an elegant table in the center of the room was the same gift given to the princess long ago... The Kiss.
''God gave this gift to you on the day you were born,'' said the queen,
''Because He loves you so dearly.''
''And now,''continued the king,''this kiss is yours to keep...
or to give away, as you see fit.''
The princess stared in amazement . She had never before received such a wonderful present .
''But use wisdom ,my daughter,'' warned the king,'' and save your kiss for the man you will marry. Never part with it for sake of a stranger.''
Many men came ,one by one, to ask for the princess' hand in marriage.
One by one she turned them all away. None seemed worthy of her kiss. She began to doubt that she would ever find a husband.
One night, she spoke with her mother, the queen, about her fears.
''Mama, '' the princess asked, ''will I ever find a man so special that I will be able to give him my kiss?''
The queen smiled, gazing at the many stars twinkling above in the velvet night.
''Oh, yes, my dear. I think God will bring a husband to you. But, if he does not, the kiss will be yours to treasure forever.''
The princess took comfort in that thought, for she knew that God could be trusted, and she cherished the kiss with all that she was.
The next day, a common man came to the castle.
He asked to see the princess.
The man was taken to the royal garden where the princess and her parents were walking among the rosebushes.
The princess' mother and father were surprised. Who was this man?
he seemed common - yet kindness was his manner.
The man looked into the princess' eyes.
''I have worked in your father's fields for many years. I prayed and watched and waited for one who could be my wife, yet found no one . Then one day I saw you walking on the palace lawn. Your beauty was marvelous, and your purity sparkled like diamonds.''
The princess blushed, and her heart began to beat widely.
''I have little to offer you, Princess,...I have no gold. I have no means to travel the earth. I am not as strong as many...''
''...but I do have one very special gift I can give to you.''
This is my First Kiss, Princess,'' said the man. ''God gave this gift to me on the day I was born. My parents kept it for me until I became a man. I have saved it all my life for you. Would you be my Wife?
''Yes!'' she cried.'' Oh, yes, with all my heart!''
The Prince and the Princess lived happily ever after. Soon God gave them a child of their own. And on the day of the precious baby's birth, the wise prince and princess received for their child a very special gift from God...
A Kiss.


Sammie said...

Alright... I absolutely love this post! And, agree with everything you wrote. Though you're not like most 17 years old girls, you're quite like me (which makes me unlike most girls too [I hear that so often from my parents])! I am very glad to have met you (even if only online)! lol

Amy Fichtner said...

Very nice post and I am sure God will send you your prince charming:) Also thanks for shaing the book.

Nikki said...

I have this book!!! It's a good one! It's one you can read and understand even at a young age, and appeals to litle girls because it's about a princess! Thanks for the post! And don't worry, when it's the Lord's will and time, your prince will come!!! :P

Nikki said...

P.S. Here is the link to my main blog, "Nonsense" is the "just-for-fun" one lol.

you can find it on my profile if it won't let you click on it!