Monday, November 24, 2008

Old Fashion Sunday

Yesterday was Old Fashion Sunday, one of my most favorite Sundays.
One of the reasons I love it is because I get to dress up!!!!!You know I always love doing that.
It was a really great day,Daddy preached on ''Returning to the Old Paths'' and One soul was Saved!Amen! On Old Fashion Day people bring antiques ,too. So that's really neat looking at all the really old stuff. I brought an old Starline suitcase that my Granny gave me and a couple of old books. Me and my family love to find old books. It is especially cool to find books by
Amy Carmichael or Frances Havergal. We get very excited when we find those!

Well here's some pictures of yesterday's events.

My Old Fashioned Family

Bethany and Molly

One our Bus Girls

Sarah~My old fashion friend

Me and Katie

My family ,(except Daddy is waiting for me on the van
with a bunch of screaming kids.)Sorry~

Some of the Antiques


Sammie said...

Hey, I recognize the dresses you and your sisters are wearing! LOL. I love the whole theme "Old Fashioned Sunday"! It looks like a lot of fun!

Sarah said...

Rebekah, I told you not to post that picture of me!

Living Joyfully in the Lord said...

Sorry Sarah I totally forgot I had to put you on there you know.
you looked good don't worry.

Yeah sammie,those were the dresses~
it was alot of fun.

Sammie said...

Sarah, I liked that picture of you! (~nice to meet you~)

Sarah said...

It's okay. Don't worry about it.

Bea's World said...

Cute! I <3 old fashioned Sundays. . . they're so much fun! =)