Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guns,Guns, and more Guns

Today Me and my Daddy went to a hunting lodge to look at Guns!
Our History Club is all about World War II right now so we are learning all about Japan(sammie would love it)and Germany and this time we learned about rifles used in the War.
It was very interesting although only the boys understood all the gun talk like,''bolt action and 22 ,semi automatic ,and 360~'' but it was pretty cool ~even though I didn't get to shoot any of them!lol.The man that taught us, knew his guns. He also taught us the importance of the 2nd amendment and how when they take away our right to bear arms, they take away our right to protect ourselves,our God given right.It really made me want to go out and buy a gun, because I have the right to bear arms ,but right now I'll just leave that to Daddy.
You know I just had to take pictures soooo here they are...

This Picture of Daddy reminds me of something...
A STATUE....You Know...

My Friend April

A Machine Gun used in World War II.
It weighed over 100lbs!

In Line Looking at the Rifles.

Pistols used in the War

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Sammie said...

AAAHHHHHHHHH!!! We've only known each other for such a short time and you already know I'd love to learn more about Japan!!! LOL. I'm touched.

You're pictures were cool, and your dad would be a great statue! ;) Looks like it was fun! That actually sounds like something my dad and I would go to.