Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran's day! Today I dedicate this post
to all those that serve our country past, present, and future.I especially would like to dedicate it to a very special veteran, and someone I loved very much! My Papa!My Papa joined the U.S. Navy in World War II ,when he was 17 the same age as me. He was the best grandaddy a girl could have,though he didn't talk about the war much, I occasionally heard little stories of how he was running out on the battlefield to pickup injured soldiers and he was shot down. Another soldier ran out and grabbed his end of the stretcher and left him there, he said he thought they were never coming to get him but he was praying the whole time. Finally they came back for him and he had been shot in the leg. Papa was awarded a Purple Heart.
I love saying my Papa was in the Navy. I'm proud to say He fought for our Country. He served in that war that I might be free today. Thank You! Thank You to all who have fought ,bled, and died to keep us free.

Papa and his Mama
Papa's mama wrote him and his 3 brothers a letter
every single day they served in the war.

It's always nice to take a nap after a long, hard, day's work.
(This is my Favorite pix)

Papa and unknown girl~

Papa is the Handsome soldier 3rd from the left,
top row.


Sammie said...

Aw, I love looking through old photos! Especially of our veterans!!! Your pictures were fun to look through. My grandfather (who passed away to be with Christ this past March) was in the Navy too. However my 'other' grandfather was in the Army during World War II. ^.^

NO TURNING BACK-the life of a very blonde Baptist said...

Wow, that is awsome!!!
My Grandpa served in the Marines during the Korean War. I love hearing him tell stories about how he and his friends would play practical jokes on each other! He is the Best Grandpa EVER!!!!!
As a Chrsitian, he is a wonderful leader and example. He always says.
"If you are a little bit smart, you can learn some things by watching" Thank you Grandpa, and all of our men who have served for showing us how to stand for what we believe in!!!!!!!

Living Joyfully in the Lord said...

Thanks girls,
I loved my papa soooo much!
He passed away in 2005;(
I miss him very much~