Monday, November 3, 2008

Donnie Gotta 6 Pointer!

Yey!!!!! Donnie went Hunting today hoping to
get a deer before heading back to Crown, and He
did it!!!!!!!!! A six pointer!!!!! He drove the buck over to my house (with the tailgate down of
course) to show it off and so I could take pix for the blog.He heads back tomorrow ,so be praying for him as he travels.Maybe we can have some Deer stew when you get back,Donnie!Yum!!!!!!!!


Sammie said...

Awww! I don't know Donnie... but way to go!!! My dad loves to hunt too, only ever during the week of Thanksgiving though. Sadly, I don't know if we'll be going down to WV this year for him to hunt... how sad! (-_-,) Anyway, nice pictures for the blog! (^.-)

NO TURNING BACK-the life of a very blonde Baptist said...

SWEET!!!!! I want to go hunting with my cousin Jonathin some time and get a deer or something..... but then again, I don't know if I could do it!!!
I would probably chicken out and scare away anything worth shooting!!!

Sammie said...
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