Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama's in the Bible

Guess What Obama is in the Bible.It's true.
A man in our church showed us where it is ,and now I'm gonna show it to you~
Psalm 109:8
Let his days be few;
and let another take his office.


Anonymous said...

hehe!!! thats so funny!!! hehe!!!

NO TURNING BACK-the life of a very blonde Baptist said...

oh thats AWSOME!!!!!
I love your sense of humor!

Amy Fichtner said...

Very Funny!! Thanks for sharing!!

Nikki said...

That's cute, at first I was like, "What?" lol I found your blog on Sam's and thought I'd check it out! Love the music and your writing style!

Living Joyfully in the Lord said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ,Amber,Amy,and Niki.I love ya'll's blogs too.
You too,Kelly.
I thought this was sooooo funny so I just had to put on my blog .