Monday, May 18, 2009

It Has Always Been The Soldier

Sorry I didn't mention anything on my blog Saturday, about Armed Forces Day.
But though late, I wanted to recognize those who serve our country, and give so much!
There is a song my cousin Donnie has sang in our church and we also have a CD with the Marion Avenue Boys singing it, the song is called '' It has always been the Soldier''
and the words go like this.

It's not CBS or NBC
CNN or ABC that's given us the freedom of the press
We know that it's not Larry Flint, Ted Kennedy, or Jesse Jackson given us the freedom to verbally express, not the campus organizers or all the demonstrations that's given us the freedom to march, freely march and disagree

Oh can't you see!

It has always been the soldier

Who has gave the sacrifice
Standing strong and crowned in battle

Willing to lay down his life

Somewhere there's a soldier who is looking at a picture of his little girl
How he wishes he were home!

And somewhere there's a soldier who is reading a love letter from his wife and she is telling him how she feels so all alone,

And somewhere there's a Mom and Dad who cry late in the night, for a son who won't be coming home, a son who gave his life. FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!!!

Oh can't you see!

To the angry man who shakes his fist, and burns the Stars and Stripes,
That same flag that drapes the coffins of those who gave there life's

There's no other place that you would go, or have ever been

where the blood of soldiers gives the right to burn the flag again.

It has always been the Soldier

On the Land,

In Air,

and Sea

It has always been the Soldier

Fighting for our LIBERTY!


Ryan Wegner said...

Great post! The pictures were really good, and the words to that song are so true. It's so easy to forget! That part about the soldiers dying so that people can burn the flag is great. Thanks for reminding us!

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing that. My big brother is in the army and serving in Washington, D.C. right now. Its always good to be reminded of what they do for our country.

Rebekah said...

Thanks for your comments Ryan and Katie, I'm glad ya'll enjoyed this post. I am truly thankful for the men and women who fight for our freedom everyday, and our soldiers are always on my prayer list,I have a cousin who is serving in the Army, and a friend in the Marines, and another friend in the Navy. Soooo I pray for them everyday.

NessaNoo said...

Do you have the sheet music to this song??? ive been looking for ti forever
could you plz help me out =)

Rebekah said...

Hey Nessa,
I'm so sorry I don't have the sheet music... My Aunt Amy plays it buy ear, just like on the Marion Avenue boys, ever heard em'?
It's such a great song!
I'm sorry, I couldn't help...