Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ladies Meeting Pictures!!!!!!

Well everybody here's the pictures I promised!
We had such a great day, I loved the whole dressing up thing ,(of course) and we had a good crowd of ladies and the food was good,the speaker was very good, and as you can tell it was an all around good day!

Me with my Victory Rolls... and red lipstick~

Me and Jennifer

Bethany and Katie

Mama~ looking like a teeny-bopper

Our old fashioned living room.... the Navy uniform is My Papa's, and the dress is his Mama's
I just love thinking about him when he was my age in the Navy....I loved him so much!

This is after all the food was good!

It's time for a wedding! Back in the 40's, when the soldiers came back. What did the ladies want most?... to get married!!!!!!

Molly in her lovely wedding dress... I helped design it, isn't it simply divine?!

The other marvelous wedding dress

Then the women had babies...lots and lots of babies! Hence the Baby Boom... these ladies are such pros at washing and changing babies they can do it blind folded!

Our Special Guest Speaker

The Fundamental Three Singing

Time to Go Home!


Katie said...

Great pics! Looks like so much fun!! I think I need to talk to my Daddy about doing more with the ladies at our church... ;) (lol)

Dani Joy said...

What fun it must be to have a sister! I am learning what it´s like only a little bit by my bloggy sisters in the Lord. I know it sounds funny but it´s true. Besides my Mom, I haven´t had such good Christian friends who keep in touch and encourage like I do now. Wish I was closer and could see some of them.
I love your blog! It´s too cute!
looks like you had a wonderful ladies meeting!