Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Trip to the Tea Room..

One last trip to the Old English Tea Room... Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile...
This week has just been one of those weeks, where everything seems so slow, and dreary...I just keep wanting something good to happen! I know life is good...and I mean that...but sometimes you just need a little extra blessings...or something.
Sorry I don't mean to sound so melancholy, hehe funny thing that seems to perk me up, is keeping my blog up-to-date..I love it when ya'll leave comments, and come by and visit my is soooo encouraging!
So here's a post for ya'll and some pictures!!!
Me and Jennifer

The our Christmas colors

Mama, Katie, and Bethany

UMMM..My Cheesecake was so good...and my Chocolate-Rasberry Mint tea...

Something I want for my month, February tea cup~
With Violets~*

Katie trying on hats..

Bethany with a funny hat..

Me and Jennifer with some hats...and bethany in the background, heehehe...

Mama looking classy with this red hat..

Me and my Sisters outside the tearoom...


Courtney said...

What a lovely post, Rebekah. And I know what you mean about dreary days....:)!!

I loved that last photo of you and your sisters together. What a lovely family! And all of your hair is just GORGEOUS!! You are so lucky - I was blessed with less than satisfactory hair. Seriously. :)

Hope your day tomorrow is better!

Lindsay said...

Oh, that looks like fun, Rebekah!!
I hope you have a blessed rest-of-the-week! :)

~ Love,

Brooke said...

Hey Rebekah!!! That looks like alot of fun!!! This week has seem dreary also! It's been SUPER freezing and really dark and rainy...very dreary!!! :( Well, gotta go!