Friday, December 11, 2009

Hey Y'all...

Hey, I had a piano student call and cancel at the last minute, so I thought I give ya'll a little update of life here before my next one comes...

We are having a party for Katie tonight, Her 15th Birthday is tomorrow... I'll post about that tomorrow hopefully~ The Lord is continuing to bless us, our Bathrooms are finally getting done! Praise the Lord! So it doesn't look like a construction zone in our house anymore... The Lord is still blessing Jennifer, But please do be praying for Jonathan and his family...with all the ice and storms they had up there, their lights have gone out...So please pray that they will get their electricity back soon! Our Church is going good, we are getting ready for our Christmas play, all the Sunday school classes are doing something different, so please be praying it will all come together!

Well AnnaGrace(my piano student) will be here any minute~

Have a wonderful day!

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jc said...

Tell Katie Happy Birthday!!
And we'll be praying for Jennifer and Jonathon, and also for your Christmas Program, those are so much fun, unless you have a toddler on your hip the whole time:-)!!!!