Sunday, December 13, 2009

Katie's party, Our Annual Shopping Trip, and A Ballgame~

Here's the Pictures I promised...sorry I didn't get them on here yesterday...I was just plum tired~
We went to El Tapitio for Katie's Birthday, It was soooo know I love Mexican food...
and Now that Sarah knows Spanish, she was talking to the Waiter almost the whole time in was hilarious!!!! She even asked our Waiter to sing happy birthday to Katie, they did...and one of the guys put whip cream all over her face~ I have a video but some reason it wont upload, arrghhh..anyway Katie really loved her birthday, after eating at El Tap...we went home and had Cake and opened presents.
So as you can tell by the long name, that's not all that happened on Saturday...
Ever since one of the Crowd(a.k.a. Donnie, Jennifer, Sarah, and Me) was able to drive, we have been going on a Annual Christmas Shopping trip...Every year we somehow find time to all go together and buy our little gifts...I always look forward to this day, we get to be all together when were younger. Sit down and talk, about old times, about spiritual things, and just being able to be with my old friends again. This year we have all grown up so much, Donnie is married, Sarah is a Senior and works at a Daycare, I've graduated and teaching piano, Jennifer's working at church, teaching piano, and it just seems like now we are all going our separate ways...and it's kinda sad...okay I don't mean to sound like I'm losing my best friends or anything...It was just good to have some fun and go back a little in time...
After we shopped till we dropped...hehe, we decided to go to the Christmas Classic, I love Basketball!!! It was a really good game, the Chargers lost....but they were really good and they were neck and neck all the way to the end~
Well enough of my explaining the pictures ya'll can look at them~

Katie after the little Dudes sang to her...I would say happy birthday but I really don't know what they was in Spanish....but it wasn't anything you could understood.....

Jennifer, Me, and Sarah about to leave...

Katie opening presents...

Okay Donnie is gonna kill me when he sees this.....
But doesn't he just look so cute with Katie's Hat on? hehehe
You're so crazy~~~

OOOO Money!!!!!!

A necklace


Another Scarf...Katie loves scarves!!!!!!

Katie is Money Mad!!!!!!

The Best Chocolate Cake in the world!!!!!!!

Is it good Katie?

Happy Birthday Katie!!!!
I think the hat looks much better on Katie, Don't you?

Our Shopping trip, okay this day was very fun....but Part of the day I was a little out of it.
I had a cold and sooo I was just kinda in another I couldn't really concentrate on shopping, so I got the camera and took few pictures it made me feel a little better...

Jennifer just bought something in BBW...I love bath and body works...but with my cold, I couldn't fully enjoy it~tear...hehe but I still helped other people buy things...
Donnie needed some help he looked a little lost, in BBW...hehe

Donnie the serious shopper....with his BBW bag...Sarah told me to take this one, she thought he looked funny with his little bag....okay sorry I'm picking on you Donnie....Forgive me?hehe

Ballgame time!!!! Go Chargers!!!!! Come on' Caleb you can make it!!!!!!

Let's go chargers, Let's go!!!!!

This little guy in the crazy Christmas outfit, was going crazy and had the whole Student Section, doing the weirdest things!!!!!

Me and Jennifer...again with the whole loopy thing, I still was not feeling the greatest so I took some more pictures!!! I think Jen looks really good in this one....all Christmassy~ I just love that word!!!

Oh that's my last one, Well I caught ya'll up with my weekend...Hope ya'll have a wonderful day tomorrow and a very good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lindsay said...

Oh, I really enjoyed all
the pictures, Rebekah! I
hope you're feeling better!! :)

~ Love,

Brooke said...

Oooh, looks like a whole lot of fun!!!! I love BBW, too!! ;) Hope you feel well!

Lindsay said...

Hi Rebekah,
I've tagged you! Don't feel like you have to do it right away though. I know this is a busy time of year! :)

~ Love in Christ,