Thursday, December 3, 2009

God is so Good!

Just wanted to share this verse with ya'll...
Isn't God so good that He is Able to do Exceeding, Abundantly, above all we ask or think!
God is so wonderful he saved us, and He doesn't have to do another thing for us...that's more than what we deserve...but He saves us, and then He blesses us, too!!! With more than we could ever ask for!!!! Yesterday I was so down, I felt like I just needed a blessing...or something to encourage me...and you know what? God blessed me and my family, He encouraged me, He gave me hope...God is such a Loving and Merciful God, my I could just talk all day about his merciful, gracious, loving kindness!!!!
Another wonderful thing about my God, is I can go to Him with things that seem so little and unimportant...and he takes my burden...hears my cry...takes my tears away!!!
So today just know that GOD IS GOOD!
...All the Time!!!

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