Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh My Goodness!

In the Words of Shirley Temple...Oh My Goodness!!!!!!
I totally forgot to tag someone!!!!
So after you hear her say, what I just said when I looked at the bottom of my post!!!
Below are the People I tag...
Michaila because I love her Blog name...and her real name...Mama almost named me Michaila
Jennifer because she's my sister
Renee because I love her blog...and I figured this might give her something to blog about...because I miss her!!!!!
Caroline because she is a Southern Belle, like me...
Brooke because she has become a good friend to me...and she leaves comments on my blog all the time...thanks Brooke!!!
and last but not least Katie because I love her blog...we have so many things in common and hold so many of the same standards!
Okay I would also like to award all of y'all with all of the past awards I've received... Sorry I haven't given them away sooner...Again sorry about not tagging y'all to begin with!!!!


Brooke said...

Hey!! Thanks!! Do you mean the awards like the Bible award??? Your welcome....about the comment thing! ;)

Rebekah said...

Yes The Bible Award, and the Lovely lady award, and the From me to you award..that's alot of awards..

Brooke said...

Hehe!! Thanks!!