Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I've Been Tagged!!!!!

Lindsay tagged me!!! Thanks so much Lindsay, I am actually waiting for Jennifer, while she teaches piano, I already did what Mama asked me to do...so I needed something else to do~
Here it goes...
List seven songs that you are into right now. Okay...1.Since it's Christmas.. Who is he..
2.White Christmas
3. I'll be home for Christmas
4. From the John Marshall Cd...I'm not Holding on to Jesus, He's holding onto me
5. Song I have on my computer from one of Sarah's Cds..I do, and I will...
6. Across the miles...from the same cd...
7. A Way in a Manger...from the Epley's home from Christmas cd...It has such a powerful message! You can click the title above and listen to it!!!

What kind of a car do you want when you're older? Something little, and cute...hehe I know I'm such a girl...I don't know a lot of car names... But I like blue and red cars!!!!
Where do you want to live when you're older? I'd like to live in the country somewhere...But as long as I'm where God wants me...I'll be happy!
Do you want to go to college? No....I'm planning on staying home, and learning here...I really want to stay home and have a family....I suppose if I had to work outside the home...which I really have no desire for a career...then I could teach piano like I'm doing now. So No college for me!
How many siblings do you have?3 sisters...and a little brother in heaven...;)
How many children do you want to have when you're married? As many as God allows!!!
Boys or girls? I picture myself more with little boys...But I'd love to have little girls, too!!!
City girl or country girl? Country Girl all the way... never lived in the city.... I've been truly blessed!!!

Gourmet meals or steak with salad? Steak with salad. oooo haven't had that in awhile...

Flying or driving? Well I've never flown... I suppose I'd like to try it someday...I've never even been close to an airplane....I think it would be fun...but I know I'd be scared....I guess driving...if someone else is doing the driving...hehe.

Bike riding or swimming? Swimming...

Sports or no sports? I love to watch a good Basketball game!!!!! And I like Baseball, too!
Don't really understand Football...But I Love Facing the Giants....

Books or movies? A little of both...I love a good book, and a good movie!!!

School or chores? Chores...I'd much rather do housework, then go back to Algebra~ugh~
Inside or outside?Both...I love being outside on fall and spring days...where the wind is just slightly blowing...and the sky is really blue....and then I love to be inside on days where you can hear the rain pouring down on the roof, and when it's so cold outside we get to have the fire place on!!!!!

Wednesday or Sunday? Sunday, we pick up the Buskids on Sunday...so church is much more exciting!!!hehe~
Friends or Family? Friends and Family...I couldn't live without either~

Fried or scrambled eggs? Scrambled, please!!!With Bacon!!!!
Pancakes or cereal? Pancakes

Big meal or something small? It depends I go some days where all I want are Big meals...then other days I can barely eat anything...

Movie or TV show?I love old Black and White movies...and old T.V. shows..like Andy Griffith..and Bonanza...I learned to like that from my Papa..he loved Westerns...

Thing to do outside? Swing on an old tree swing, Daddy put up along time ago when we first moved in our house...I go back there and daydream, talk to God...and just look up in the trees....and sorta release my inner child...hehehe

Favorite meal? At Home....It's Fried Chicken and potatoe salad...or it could be any kind of Pasta...it depends on the mood....

Place to read a good book?In my room...when it's raining I love to read when it rains...snuggle up in my chair in my room....with a good book...maybe some coffee...or hot chocolate....Oh goodness I wish I was home right now!

What is your favorite vegetable?Corn on the Cob...I don't know...

Where do you want to live when you graduate?Well since I've already graduated, at Home will do....hehe It's funny when I was little I thought being 18 almost 19 was so old, I thought I'd be married and living in a old yellow farm house...Mama was exactly my age when she got married so I guess that's why it seemed so old...now it seems very young....But I'm feeling older every day....So anyway answer to the question...at home, until my Prince comes and takes me to his Castle...

What time of day do you like the best? Sunset...I love it when the sky turns bright colors, the sunset is always so pretty behind our house~

What is your favorite flower? Dark pink roses...and Forget-me-nots....

What is your favorite weapon? an A-K 47...hehe I'm just kidding....I not big on weapons...I guess that's a girl thing....I don't really need a weapon, My God protects me...and He's with me wherever I go....So I don't have to be afraid!!!! But if my man wants to have a gun...that's fine~

Do you like sports? I thought I already answered one like this...hehe Yes!!!

Do you like writing? Sometimes.

What is your favorite month?February...my Birthday...and Valentines day...which I can't really celebrate...
Do you like adventure? OH YEAH...
Do you collect anything?Not really
What do you collect? Oh Lindsay, I collect purses and shoes!!!
Do you live near your grandparents? Yes...I do..

Are you bored of this? yes....I wasn't at first...but the last questions I just couldn't think anymore..hehehe
K, Bye~

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Lindsay said...

Oh, I really enjoyed reading your answers to the tag, Rebekah!! And I totally agree with you on the sports question. I don't really understand football either, but I love Facing the Giants!! ;)

~ Blessings,