Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Picture Post...Don't you just love these???

In the Car...crazy things happen:)

Jennifer....I don't what she's doing??? Maybe attempting to make her eyes look wider..8)

Katie at BAM...I think I am the only who takes random pictures at stores...who knows?

Another crazy moment in the car.....trying to make a weird picture with Bethany, Katie decided to help...with her arm in the picture:)

Baby Stephen...Awwww

Jennifer, Sarah, and Me...from Have it your way Bible College....Fun Times....

It's raining Hearts!!!!


Covey Family said...

I do love random picture posts!!!
Hope you guys all have a great weekend, tell Jennifer Happy Birthday!


•Karis Brown• said...

I DO love these types of posts! You and your sisters are so pretty!

Have a blessed weekend!

Katie Wegner said...

I like random post as well =D . And I agree with Karis twice, you and you sisters are very pretty =D .
It's fun taking silly pictures of people. Nut, I don't like silly pictures taken of me =)