Friday, March 12, 2010

Living By Faith

On Monday, me and my family went to hear a Preacher in a local revival...the service was really a blessing to me.
The preacher preached on Faith, how we get faith, how faith is not faith is the substance of things hoped for...the evidence of things not seen. How God wants to do even greater things than we want to do in our lives...He wants to give us even better things than we ask for. God has so many things in our lives that He wants to give us, if we'd only ask.
All through my life I have tried to have Faith to move mountains, to see prayers answered, I've always tried to never doubt God. Do you know how hard that is? In this world, do you know how hard that really is? But you know it's not just this world that has discouraged me in having faith that God can do anything, He can answer my prayers...Sometimes it's been my Christian Friends...that think I'm crazy because I believe that God hears my prayers, and wants to give me good things Because He loves me. Because I go to Him, with my greatest needs, and my smallest wants...Because I believe God is going to answer my prayer if it's His will. They say well you shouldn't just ask for that certain thing...or you shouldn't believe that, because something might happen and you might get hurt.
I mean really? God wants us to ask for things, God wants us to trust Him... We are not afraid to ask our earthly father for the things our heart desires, we are not afraid he will hurt us..and we are not afraid that he will do something that is bad for us, Because we know he loves us. Do you not think our Heavenly Father would do even better? The Bible tells us that God loves it when we ask for things, God loves us and wants to give us good things! Why should we be afraid to ask...just like our earthly father, our heavenly Father knows best, and if you ask him for it...God will show you his will.
The older I get, the more I search God's word, the more faith I recieve...God is so good. The more I see how good He is, the more faith I recieve. You know sometimes it hurts when other people look down on me for trusting that God is going to take care of me, Because I'd love for them to say, ''I'm going to have faith about this, too..let me pray with you.'' But I guess I can't control that, wish I could....but sadly I can't. So when friends don't get you, when they don't agree with you, when they say your crazy...if you have scripture, then they are the ones that are crazy...God is a faithful friend.
Remember Faith is the substance of things ''hoped for'', the evidence of things'' not seen''...


GodisSoGood said...

Your blog is such a blessing! This was EXACTLY what I needed! THANKS!

Katie Wegner said...

I thought I should tell you I awarded you =D