Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Day Past...

Another day past...And it's time for another post:)
Hmmmm what to post about...I've backspaced several sentences....what to post???
Okay I guess I can catch ya'll up on a few things...

1.Like I said before Jennifer's 24th Birthday is on Sunday!!!

2.Since it's Jennifer's Birthday....Jonathan will be coming down here on Friday, and Leaving on Sunday afternoon....Jennifer is getting so excited!!!!!!!

3.Easter is coming up...I have my new Easter Dress... and''ahhhhh'' New Shoes!!!!!!! there Blue!!!! I know I'm supposed to get white shoes for Easter...But I wanted the Blue one's sooo to bad:)

*Random Fact* If you live in the South and you wear white shoes before will get some pretty dirty looks...and of course if you wear them after labor'll get the same:) It's an absolute No-No!

4.Sarah is 2 months away from Graduating!!!!!

5.I get the opportunity to play the piano for a friend's graduation in June, I can't wait...I also can't believe April is Graduating!!!!

6.I get to go on a little trip in April...with some friends. Really Can't Wait for that!

*Random Fact*I am Hair Product addict!!! I love hair gel, hair spray, hair scrunch, I love it all!!!!! You just never would have known that, would ya????

7.Little Stephen is still sooo cute, He is almost 3 weeks old, and He is the main attraction at church:) :)

8.A lady and her son, from Peru have been visiting our church...they actually came here from Peru to be Independent Baptist Missionaries to the Spanish speaking people, She has been a real blessing to me.

*Random Fact*I have been listening to some old Roy Roger's songs right here lately...don't ask me why....I just like to sing Don't Fence Me

9.Please Pray that we will have a great day on Sunday, we are having No Absentee Sunday..trying to get some people back in Sunday School....praying that some people that were saved last year will become more faithful.

10.Hmmmm....I have to end this on a 10.....ummmm Nope that's pretty much all I got....So Until I post again...Happy Friday:)

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