Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here Am I

Last night we were blessed to have Bro. Brenson and Joanna Jennings, missionaries to Niger, Africa. It was really such a blessing to have this couple in our church and in our home.
It was such an encouraging service last night, he preached a very convicting and uplifting could really tell he had a heart for where he was going, and he was willing to go anywhere for the cause of Christ.
Please do pray for them as they head off to the mission field soon.

I also enjoyed hearing how him and his wife knew it was God's will for them to go to this specific place. As Christian's that should be one of our greatest desires to know God's will for our lives. That is one of my desires, to do whatever He wants me to do, to go wherever God wants me to go, to always be in the center of God's will. Like the Preacher said last night, that is the best and the safest place to be, wherever you are..if you are in God's will, then you are in His hands, and No man can pluck you out!
So I asked myself last night, would you be willing to go anywhere God told you go?
And this song came to my mind...

So many lost and dying in this world today
Have you heard their crying
Or do you turn away
The harvest now is plenteous
But the laborers are few.
God needs some willing vessels to be used.

Here am I
I will go
I will reach the lost untold
I will give the Lord control
I will tell them of the crimson flow.

Is it too late for caring
Does Jesus really save
Are we truly praying
For the blind to find their way
Little children are falling into
A burning Hell
Will anyone heed the calling to go and tell?

For my Saviour died
On that old rugged cross
He thought of me when
He counted the cost
How can I say that I love Him
If I don't reply?

Here am I
I will go
I will reach the lost untold
I will give the Lord control
I will tell them of the crimson flow.

Written By; Stephen Snider

So Lord, Here am I...I will serve you here until you call me somewhere else, I pray I will always be in your will. I pray that my will, will never get in the way...As it so often tries.I pray that Your mighty hand of blessings will be on my life, and my familie's lives. We don't deserve you Lord, we don't deserve Salvation, we are so unworthy of everything you have ever done, we complain about the little things, and forget to praise You and thank you for being so good...But yet You keep blessing us.
I'll never understand, how a God so great...could love a sinner so horrible as me.
But I am so glad He does...I love my Lord Jesus Christ, and I praise His Holy Name, and I surrender my life to Him!!!!!!


Arminda y Deborah K. said...

Thanks for your post!! It really touched my heart!
Thanks God for people like Brenson and Joanna Jennings.

God bless you girl!!

God's Been Good said...

Thanks for sharing, Rebekah! Bro. Brenson and Joanna were such a blessing to be around yesterday. I hope that I can always say that I am willing to go and serve where ever the Lord would lead me to go!


Brooke said...

Oh! I LOVE that song and that is a very good question Rebekah! Thank you for sharing! I really liked that! And I am willing to do the things He'd have me do, maybe even like Amy of my heroins!