Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just for Fun!

Well I thought I'd do a fun post, just to lift your spirits! Here are some videos that really make us laugh...and some crazy pictures me, Katie and Bethany took yesterday.
Remember a Merry heart doeth good, like a medicine!!!!!!!!!
Seeing as I used to be blond...I still get the blond jokes....alot....but this one did remind me of me little....funny~~~I'm not really a computer person:)

Fun with my lil sisters~

Weird Picture of me...all googly eyed~

Bethany scared to death, screaming!!!!!!!!!!

This one was Bethany's idea....she called it ''what happens in the back seat when I drive!''

New profile picture~

Bethany made an arrow....her cherokee is really coming out right here lately:)

Watch out she'll attack you with it!!!!!!!!!

And to end my fun post.....Barnie explains A Capella......Daddy loves to tell this episode in church when we sing A capella~ it never gets old:)

1 comment:

Covey Family said...

luv your pictures!! Bethany's hair is soooo long! WOW, wish mine was that long =D