Monday, March 29, 2010

A Matter of Prayer

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to ask everyone to please be praying for me... I have really been searching my heart about something that I felt God laid upon it a long time ago. I have been praying and seeking God's will in this situation. I ask that you would pray that God would show me His will, and continue to lead me in the direction I'm going if it's His will.

I have been praying for a while about this, and I just want to be sure that it is God's desire for my life...and not just my own Heart's desire. It really seems like God is moving in my life, and my prayers are finally being answered, But I need ya'll's prayers...

That the Lord will show me what His will is, what He wants me to do... in the next couple months...I'm really praying for this and I hope and pray that God will answer my prayers soon, and that if my desires do not match His will...then please pray God will change them and show me another direction to take.
Thanks for your prayers, I'm really trying to knock on Heaven's door with this matter...I pray the Lord will hear my prayer and have mercy on me...and answer them soon!


bug said...

I will be praying for you! ;)

I've found doing God's will to be very scary at times, but yet it is so rewarding!!

Lindsay said...

Oh, I will be praying for you, Rebekah!!

GodisSoGood said...

I will b praying... please keep me in prayer as well as an unspoken... I would rly appreciate it:)