Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He's Already in Your Tomorrow

This is one of my favorite songs, it encourages me so much...To Know that God knows what My tomorrow holds, and He is going to be there with me whatever I'm going to face. So we shouldn't be afraid to face our future or be afraid to do great things for the Lord.

My favorite verse of this song is the second one...Because sometimes Where I am in my life, I dread the future and cling to the present. Sometimes with people discouraging me, my dreams get pushed away and smashed down...and at times I give up on them. But that shouldn't be, I want to do great things for the Lord, I never want to give up on my dreams...
Often you struggle looking ahead,
Dreading tomorrow, it seems.
Embracing the present, forgetting the past,
Giving up on your dreams
You're standing between, your faith and your fear
Yet no matter the conflict the future is clear.

My Future is so clear...I'll continue to serve the Lord, do His will, walk through each door He opens in my life...until He closes them...and He'll be right there beside me. Because...

He's already in your tomorrow;
He's walking one step ahead. Whether its joy or its sorrow,
He'll do just what He said.
He'll never leave you lonely,
In the land of the great unknown.
He's already in your tomorrow;
Don't be afraid to keep pressing on

So Don't let anyone ever discourage you from doing something great for God! Don't let your Faith turn into Fear....Like the devil will try and do, he'll send little things to discourage you..through your closest friends, If God gives you a desire...or a dream...sometimes even your Christian friends wont understand, and dont want you to do something great for Him, But keep pressing on. Listen to God, not them.

Well I guess that's all I have to say~ Have a Good night Ya'll!


God's Been Good said...

Great Post, Rebekah! Very encouraging and very true! Keep on praying those prayers and reaching for the desires that the Lord has placed in your heart, and going through those open doors! Is anything too hard for God?


Autumn said...

Those are awesome lyrics.