Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Picture Post

Well I wont be posting for awhile, We are expecting some Snow..ahhhh!!!..and ice, so I may have to take a break...I can't wait, it's been a while since I made a Snowman. I feel like I'm five again, I always loved it when it of the reasons being I got out of school,hehe...and I just love it!!!! So enjoy a Random Picture Post, until then~
Katie and Bethany, with our Dogs Jimmy and Jack...
I wish they had stayed puppies,they were so cute!
Me with my glasses...this is rare thing. I hate wearing them!!! But I'm blind as a bat,and my glasses dont really I look alittle nerdy~nothing againest people that wear them, just me personally..hehe.. sooo~Thank the Lord for Contacts!

Sarah playing on the piano at Church...Sarah has such a great ministry, she plays for patch the pirate,children's church and just whenever the church needs her! She does such a great job!!!

Me in a pumpkin patch awhile back

AWWWW how cute are we? it's me(little cowgirl),Sarah(little indian),Jennifer(indian), and Donnie(cowboy) on western Sunday along time ago!!!!


Lindsay said...

I really enjoyed the pictures, Rebekah! Just so you know, I don't think you look nerdy with glasses at all! :)

Enjoy the snow!!!

~ Love,

Sarah and Mrs. Covey said...

I looove your guys' random picture post!!! I'd try contacts, but I don't think they're worth it..... nothing against contact wearers, just my opinion =D


Brooke said...

Aww, you look great in glasses, okay so my comment in the snow post (above) I guess I have to change...of course on this comment, you make number eight of friends that wear glasses!!! I think that I look nerdy in my glasses, I think all of my friends that wear glasses look better in them than I do in mine!!!! Hahahaha