Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He Still Speaks

Amidst the hustling clamoring world sometimes it's hard to hear
The voice of God speaking to my soul
But in my quiet time alone when I approach His holy throne
His tender words fall gently on my ear

He still speaks. I know his voice
Sweeter sound never heard by mortal ears.
And to think that God by his own choice
Would speak to me it makes me rejoice.
He still speaks. I know his voice

There are so many who still doubt that God can speak today

They laugh and mock when we say we've heard from God.
Yet, that still small voice of God is heard
Above the doubters of this world
His timeless words ring out with hope today."

Isn't it Wonderful to Know That He still Speaks...
I love this song, and I thought of it last night..We went to hear Bro.Shelton Smith and Bro.Joe Author and the Lord truly spoke to my heart!

The first message was so good, The Text came from Jeremiah 33:3...Can you believe that? The verse I have had on my mind for the past couple of weeks,'' Call unto me and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.'' It was like the Message was just for me! I know the Lord is going to hear my prayers, and show me Great and Mighty things!!! I am claiming that verse this year, I want to have faith that the Lord is going to bless me and my family this year...show us great and mighty things, things we don't even know can happen, bless us in ways we never imagined.

I can't wait to see whats going to happen!!!!

The other message, was on the 10 lepers,''Where are the 9?'' I have heard messages on this before but this one really spoke to me heart,too. He focused on the 1 that came back, and what if he had of been like the 9...Getting your eyes of the 9...As a Pastor's kid, that is a hard thing to do.

Well I guess not just Pastor's kids, but anyone in the ministry...there is always going to be the 9, that discourage the 1..that don't want to cause a scene, that don't want you get to excited over being healed, or their salvation, that don't want to humble themselves to thank the Lord,that complain about the one doing something for the Lord. We don't know why the 9 didn't come back, but we need to be like the 1 and not be discouraged by the 9...Thank the Lord for your Salvation, Serve the Lord even if no one else is!!!!Be the One!!!

Well I guess I shared just a little bit of how the Lord blessed me last night,
The Lord is So Good!

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