Friday, January 22, 2010

My Favorite Things...and I guess a Random Picture Post

Well I wanted to do a little Fun Post...
So I thought I'd put some pics....of my favorite things! Now I don't want ya'll to think I'm vain, or that I love to put pictures of myself on here...I just like to think of blogging as kinda my online Scrapbook...So if you don't like to look at alot of pictures, then you better not read this post..hehe
Here are some of the most Randomest, and my most Favorite things~
I Love John Deere!!!!!

I Love My Family!!!!

I Love My Buskids!!!!!!

I Love the Steve Epley Family!!!!

I Love Patch the Pirate!!!!!

I Love to Play really loud, and really fast on our Church piano!!!!

I Love Taking Weird Pictures of Donnie!!!!!

I Love Going To the Beach!!!!!

I Love Going to The Sword Conference, and the People We Meet there!!!!!

I Love to Hear Bro.Bobby Preach!!!!!!

I Love having Families come to our Church...and taking them out!!!!

I Love doing Crazy things for the Kids at Church!!!!!

And Last but not least I Love My Friends!!!!!!!


Brooke said...

Hey, I recognized the family at the restaurant with y'all!! Hehe, they were just here in November!!! Haha, anyway, I loved the post, really great! I should do one...hmmm. :) =D Hehe

Lindsay said...

Fun!! I love looking at all
of your pictures, Rebekah! ;)

~ Blessings,

Ash Y said...

I love to play really loud and fast on the piano as well, but our piano is in the frontroom, so it drives everyone up the wall!!! ;)

Sarah and Mrs. Covey said...

lol... I can't count the times Pastor has "yelled" (=D) at me for playing too fast.

OK, maybe he doesn't yell at me, but you get the point.