Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pictures From The Past

Me and Jennifer back in 2007...

Valentines Banquet 2006, Some of the Men trying to stuff marshmallows in their mouth... Bryant, the first guy and Grady the third guy actually hated marshmallows...but they were in it to win!!!!

Donnie after his first semester at PCC...he really caught the spirit!!!hehe
This was Christmas Eve, everyone tends to act a little crazy on that day...and for some reason Donnie wanted to climb a tree~

Me, Sarah, and our Hawaiian ladies meeting.

Oh Tear;( This brings back memories...This is me, Sarah, Jennifer, and old friend who we had alot of good times with...I could cry looking at these...
The reason we look soooo crazy, is because Jennifer turned 19 and we had a little sleepover...but the reason we are dressed like Indians...Donnie and Jessica's brother Bryant were camping out, at about 10:00 we got all dressed up, and mama drove us to the edge of the woods we walked a little ways and spyed on them while they talked and sang, and looked up at the moon~
Then we got a little closer, they spotted us...they found their spotlight turned it on, but when they lifted up to shine it on us, it died! We heard them start to freak out, like ''I didn't see that bush before!'' we crouched down.. got a little closer...and then before we busted from trying to hold in our laughs, we started running toward them screaming!!!!

I think we really scared them, but they kind of got us back..they came up behind us on the way back to the car....we screamed(to make them feel better)Well enough about that story...

There they are, camping out with their Banjo and Guitar...Can't you see the fear in their eyes??
AAAHHH Precious Memories~

Katie and Bethany...aren't they soooo cute?


Amber said...

I gave you an award!

AnnaMarie said...

Cute pictures! Isn't it so fun to remember the good times you've had with the people you love? We just got our old pictures down recently and laughed and laughed! Precious memories for sure! And making new ones every day!

Brooke said...

Wonderful pics and story!! Donnie is going to PCC??? That's where I want to go!! Is Sarah planning on going to go there, too??? Also, One more question: Did y'all do the PCA videos?? We are doing that now, it's a little easier!