Saturday, January 16, 2010

Homecoming...Go Chargers!

It's that time of year!!!! Homecoming!!!! I always have the Best time at homecoming, me and Sarah sat in the Student section, and acted crazy, cheered, and had the Best time!!!! And guess what? The Chargers actually won!!!!!! Wooooo!!!!Here's the pictures

The Girls a playing....

Standing in the Student Section...It's where all the Cool kids are...hehe but someone didn't last very long here...

We stood up for the Girl's game and the Guy's, so Katie moved out:(
and sat down..

Megan''She wants to take a picture, ya'll."

Smile, Garret, Megan, and Everett!!!!:)

Katie and Jennifer had the Camera part of the time....

Us Still a Standing....and A Cheering~

Go Chargers!!!!!Making a Big Entrance~

The Guys signed a bunch of B-balls, and threw them out..Katie caught one!!!!

Look we had our first Mascot...a Charger....Can you find him?

Me and Sarah's feet got a little tired..we tried to sit down, but the wall of people surrounded us!! Sarah Looking toward the light~

Yey!!We are winning!!!!

The Leader of the Student Section...Anderson, He was sooo fun!!!
Especially the Roller coaster!!!!

Me and Sarah all Blue,Gold,White!!!!!!

Everett on the Homecoming Court,Woooo Go Everett!!!!!

Homecoming King and Queen sorry these are blurry~

Crowing Queen Emily!!!!!

Just what I needed...after standing and cheering!!!!

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Lindsay said...

Looks like fun, Rebekah!!!
Those are some great pictures. :)

~ Much Love,